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Last updated: August 28, 2004

Whoo. ::looks carefully around:: I'm still not sure about putting this space up. This is meant to be my place to natter on about whatever strikes my fancy at the moment, sorta like a journal except I don't have the time or patience to actually do a journal. Some times, I just like to order my thoughts and get it out of my system, so most here will be random ponderings. Also, because I need to put it somewhere, there are some character profiles. Not much right now, but it'll prolly grow. Anyway, on with the good stuff. ::laughs hysterically:: "Good stuff"... right... eheheheheh.

Stuff for Stories

Shadowstar Emporium and Think Tank Dani, Fel, and Lenore take time to share some of their gadgets and plots for Shadowrunning
Ka'Chadras-trin of the Ch'gythtec Ka'cha is a gythyanki who thinks she's a thri-kreen (giant bug). A former slave, outcast by choice, who has some serious issues.
Shanna and Toby After writing Rebellion, I felt the need to ramble on about the trippy two.

Random Rantings

About Info on the page, me, and not much else.
My $0.02 Soon after the Colombine mess, I had to put down my say.
Movies, Generes, and a B@st@rd A teacher decided to share his feelings on fantasy. I decided he's a crackhead. Click if you want to see why. *NOTE* Written while still screaming mad, so expect much frothing at the mouth and debateable sense.
As posted in "Tyrethali's Spot" Forum.
Epiphanies of Inspiration I yam what I yam, but this is a bit about why.
Politeness and the Joys of Sanity A long, rambling, rather pointless rant about - well, check the title.
Paranoia and Guilt Oy. I prolly shouldn't post this, since I calmed down, but what the hey. I had one very... "interesting" weekend.
Not So Long or Easy a Road Good grief. I must be getting old; I can NOT believe this makes 4 years since Fred. No point, just public reminiscing on my part.
Just Some More Teen Angst ::sighs and kicks the desk:: How's the saying go? "I'm not antisocial, now go away!" I s'pose I'm just not much of a people person.
E-mail Or Else (I'll throw a hissy fit)! I saw one too many 'Author's Note' in the Garg Fic Archive demanding feedback. The funny thing is, I didn't realize I was that angry about it until writing this. Now maybe I can get up enough guts to post it....
From the Gathering 2000 Ranting and LOTS of pictures from the Gathering of Gargoyles 2000 in Orlando, Florida!!
Mary Sue, Where Are You?? On the way to college, I had a realization about Jay. Not much else to say about the matter.
Just One of the Guys Eh, sorta my college homesickness babel.
Hit the Snooze Button, Please! Short but mildly philosophical rambling about illusions.
Goodbye, Freshman Year I got remarkably.... I don’t dare say philosophical again.... perhaps nostalgic? - at the end of first year at college. T’was an interesting year.
Norcumi, Jay, and Me Slightly odd ramble about me, myself, and I.
God vs. the Creator(s) No, not religion. A take on role playing and its jobs.
How Many Tears Are Enough? My grandmother recently died after a long period of illness. We've been expecting it, hence this need for coping....
More Depressing Poetry Exactly what it says. Life's been a little rough lately, here's a bit about why. No, I am not suicidal.
Just One Night This was spawned by the garg fic Mariah. Part of it is my proofreader insisted that with some cleaning up it'd make a good movie. The morning after that convo, this just demanded to be written. I think it'd be good as the love song to it. ::grins and shrugs:: If I ever fixed the rhyme, meter, learned enough music to put it to the tune in my head, and of course, get around those little copyright laws.... ;)
Home Again, Home Again? Spring Break is over, leaving me with some interesting things to mull over.
Neurotica A very bad day+hormones=depressing rant and poem. Thankfully, I'm doing much better now.
Dreams and an Apology And now, for something conpletely different. Whooo! A non-depressing rant! I just finished the whole series of Sandman, and here's the end result. Trippyness, but not depression.
Trippyness of Time No, I don't know why. I just felt a need to babel on about time and time travel.
Senses of History Listening to an old CD can lead to an interesting trip down memory lane.
Challenge Poetry M.C. dared the forum to write. LOTS. Here's two short (::sighs:: yes, they are dark) bits.
2001 Gathering Once again, rantings about the Gathering of the Gargoyles (and pictures... lots and lots of pictures ;)), this time from L.A.
Heart Tired Another bad day leads to more depressing introspection. Sometimes I swear I should change the title of this section from "My Shelf" to "My Depressing Whines." Anyone want some cheese? ;)
Dreaming of Reality Just random musing about friendship and categorizing people. Er, not quite as odd as it sounds.
Critical Behavior Not depressing! Well, not intentionally. It is rather flammable, however. What happens when Norcumi tries to crit someone. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!
College Life and Cults
Some girls have issues being called "baby". I had problems with just "sweetheart". Well.... Sort of.
Christmas Lights and Growing Older When did the holidays start inducing nostalgia and melancholy instead of cheer, goodwill towards family, and all that other traditional stuff? ::sighs:: There are perks to being young and stupid.
Roach of the Heart Depressing rant about love- no poetry, not really my views, but I just can't figure out who would say it.
Ego A little introspection resulted in some poetry about myself and Norcumi. Just a bit of self realization that had to be shared.
Puppet And of course, having posted Ego, said mental construct quickly decided to crash and burn in a nasty batch of depression. So some (depressing, of course) poetry about that horrible feeling of losing your path, your purpose, and your self.
It's an Onion
Once more my poetry was rejected by the school's publication. So I decided to share with the internet instead.
Bad Boys: Whatcha Gonna Do? No angst, just pondering on relationships and why sometimes, the bad guys do win.
2002 Gathering Straight from Williamsburg, Virginia, to you! (with a year delay ^_^;)
2003 Gathering New York, New York! Complete with gargoyles and fanatics! :)
2004 Gathering
Montreal, Quebec - gargs, French, and lots of hanging out. Also much DVD conversation. Gargs season 1 will be here soon!


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