Norcumi, Jay, and Me
June 20, 2000

I don't think I ever got the proper handle on screen names. No pun intended. See, while I do see and mentally recognize "Norcumi" as myself, I never think of myself as Norcumi. I don't think that's a bad thing, keeping a distance from it, I mean for crying out loud, it's just a screen name, but I'd feel weird being called anything else at this point. I've been using this SN for... dear gods, since I first went online. That would be about.... four, five years? ::whistles:: That's longer than I thought. And all told, it's brought me more trouble than anything. Not only do I seem to be a weirdo magnet, but most everyone I meet thinks I'm male. What, it doesn't end in an "a," so it must be a masculine name? That has led to a few.... interesting situations, but it's a pain more often than not. Not to mention I'm prolly the only one to spell it without thinking about it, and even my parents can't pronounce it (in case yer interested, that would be "nor-COO-me"). It's just a made up name (and I refuse to say how I made it up; far too embarrassing, so I'll just leave it as it was the name of my first character when I began role playing) that I use so my parents don't go spastic about cyber stalkers et al.

As for Jay.... well, I was never interested in making a garg alter ego. Seems to be the fashion around most sites, maybe in hopes of making surfing a friendlier experience. Or maybe I'm lurking around too many art sites. Even odds. Anyway, Jay is not my alter ego. Yes, she's my Mary Sue, but I'm not interested in being known as her. Even though sometimes the distinction gets a little fuzzy. ;) She's just the main character in my garg stories. Thankfully, I only know of one person who refers to me as Jay. I don't know WHY she does, but, well, so long as the e-mail addy is right who am I to complain? If I cared that much about being called one particular thing, I'd change my name to something people could spell easily.

Can you tell I hate it when IRL people shorten my name too? ::grins:: That's the weird bit. I could care less about my name online, but it drives me berserk when most people short my real name. Mind you, if it's a friend and they don't try it too often, I let it go, but frankly, I figure it won't kill anyone to take the extra millisecond for that last syllable. ::shrugs:: Yes, I am weird.

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