The History of the Library

Amusingly enough, in the beginning I really didn't want to make a webpage. Too much time, effort, and insanity. Not to mention I didn't even know what HTML was. But in early 1999, thanks to nagging from friends (who shall remain nameless but you CAN find their page in the links), along with a teacher who kept Ďaskingí me to show my work, I gave in and started with the help of MS Word's "save as HTML" option. Like a lot of others, I set up in a remote corner of Geocities. That lasted until the Yahoo! buyout and following copyright mess, so I moved to Crosswinds. I actually enjoyed it there, sudden pop up ads or no, up until the second time my site got totally deleted. A quick jaunt back to Geocities - Huzzah. - and then on to a friend's server. So... we'll see how this one works out. I've also gotten up the nerve to post some stuff in the Gargoyles FanFic Archive, and you might find some stories that are unique to there.

Tech Stuff About the Library

As I said, I started off with Word generated coding, but by now I do it by hand (cept the longer stories, where the replace option is this girl's best friend in cutting out the html crud). I actually recommend it to anyone learning to do a webpage.
I'm finally off of AOL - and there was much rejoicing - so really, the only reason I'm such a twit about e-mail is that I'm very much a procrastinator.

About the Fic

Most of my work has at least some sort of fantasy element and I've managed to work a gargoyle into most (I'm obsessed). Other writing is based on my role playing experiences and occasional campaigns in Shadowrun, AD&D, and White Wolf. I've put up a bit of school based writing, if I think it's enjoyable. Then there's the new obsession with the TV show The Sentinel.... As for the rest, odd ideas pop into my head at inconvenient moments, so don't be surprised at what you see.

My focus has actually turned back towards the Connecticut Clan lately (and I have help with it!), so I hope there'll be lots of new and interesting stuff for that.... More backstory, angst, and insight (....I hope!)

Most will be in the Y-7 to PG-13 area as far as ratings go, on a few occasions there are stories going to R (clearly marked, so the usual rant about "if a minor/squeamish stay away blah blah"). But if you see anything rated NC-17, just shoot my computer and take away my writing program. Blood and gore are basically the only reasons the rating gets up to R. I do use foul language, but hey, when you hear a swear every other word by seventh grade, I don't think many will be that turned off by it. If you are, just complain to me, and I'll see what I can do.

Anyway, expect lots of garg fanfic, and posted at long intervals. I'm not the most dedicated writer, but I will try to update often. No promises, though. I also avoid putting up parts of a story before I've finished just because they tend to change without notice.

I AM a romantic (though mind you, I am not little Miss Sunshine and Warm Fuzzies!), so there tends to be happy endings to most (with hopefully a good dose of realism), except when I'm having a bad day and take it out on my characters (better them than people at school with a gun of some sort, neh?). But I try to keep that in perspective and make their lives miserable the rest of the time. The characters, that is. I have a twisted sense of humor, so it helps if the reader does too, but don't worry, it's not required.

What Youíll See

As I've mentioned, lots of gargoyles fan fiction and links. I admit to being obsessed. I tend to write humorously, and fantasy has always been a favorite subject. In the Links there are also lots of art sites. I can't draw to save my life, but I really enjoy looking (er, ok, drooling over) at what people can do.

I also enjoy teasing my friends in the Triumvirate, better known as Tyr(ethali), Mendon, and Datafage (aka Quietus, aka Luft, who is kind enough to proofread most of my fics. All hail the great Editor!!). Quindar has recently joined the ranks of the helpful and therefore constantly worshipped - he's the one responsible for most of the upcoming nifty stuff!

What You Won't See

1. Lots of art
I canít draw a straight line, and it takes awhile to load, so it just wonít be here. Iím not against it at all, Iím just unable to do it well. If, on the other hand, someone who actually makes it here wants to draw something from the fiction, or just wants to post their art on a remote corner where not many people visit, PLEASE feel free to do so. Just tell me so I can post it and really embarrass you by loading lots of thanks at your feet ;). Believe me, you do fan art, and I'll worship you forever.
2. Midis
First, it takes most of my stuff long enough to load as is. Second, I'd have to mess around with more coding to figure out how to do that. Third, after awhile I find them annoying, and since this is my page, that's how it is.
3. Frames
As long as I'm in charge, there will never be any frames here. "Why?" you ask? Simple. Because they're evil! Bad things! Nasty! Bad juju, get it away!!!!! I don't like them. They drive me crazy.
That and I haven't got the slightest clue how to make them. :) Doncha just love convenient excuses? Especially when they're true.
4. "Fictions"
A recent and very disturbing trend I've seen is to call one's writing "fictions" - for those who don't have a basic grasp of English, there is no such word!!!!!! Grrrrr. ::shoves the pet peeve back into the box::

About Me

Well, like I said, my nameís Norcumi (no, not in real life). Iím from Connecticut, and while still surviving college, I've left West by god Virginia for Pennsylvania. Yes, I am female, which explains why most of my fic is from a female characterís viewpoint and generally take place in CT. Iím not biased, but Iím just not sure if Iíd be writing correctly from the male perspective. As for the location... write whatcha know, ya know? ;) Jay from my cancerous gargoyle stories is my Mary Sue, though I think she's getting better, but pretty much what I am, though much improved (so that should tell ya a lot about my life. minus the garg bits, of course). If for some reason you're really all that interested in knowing more about me, I'm happy to answer e-mail, chat on AOL Instant Messanger, and/or yammer on in the Forum. I also greatly enjoy seeing more people sign my guestbook, and I return the favor if humanly possible. I'd recommend though to just pop into the Forum. The residents are pretty cool people, and no one bites... hard. ;)

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