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The Gargoyles Fan Website

IMHO, the BEST garg site. Simple as that. Home of one of the largest fanfic archives as well as episode synopsis and links to lots of other places. However, some people think that

Station 8

is the best place to go. Here you can test your gargoyle knowledge in a trivia game, ask the creator of Gargoyles questions, and get all the gargoyles stuff for your computer that you could want; sounds, pictures, icons, and almost anything else.

Gargoyles News Central

THE place to go for news, updates, and random stuff about Gargoyles and the fandom!

Fleur's Shrine

Home of a truly awe-inspiring fic writer (why she isn't published is truly beyond me). Go and feed Ego. Please? It's fun!

La Ciudad del Sol

M.C./Cara del Sol's homepage- therefore incredible fiction to be found. Both original and fan works, so something for everyone!

Lynati's Narcissism Page

NIFTY art, unbelieveable writing, and more geneology and background stuff than you can shake a stick at, all by the incomparable Fuzzy Feet!


Conna is another artist/author, with amazing skill in both areas. She doesn't do strictly gargs, and has even started several original stories that MUST be read!

The Rockaway

Home of another great fic writer and an amazing artist. Plain, fast(ish) to load, and great stuff to read and see.

The Gathering 2004

The 8th annual Gargoyles Convention! August 6-8, going international for the first time in Quebec!! Need I rant more??

WinterSmith Dreams

A garg e-zine, with art and stories that are unbelivable. Much talent went into this project!


Garg Art

The Avalon Archive Skiff- Fan Art

Iíd love to put down all the art sites I hit (some days, itís my mission to just run up counters. j/k.... really. ;) but there would be waaaay too many. And I promised not to. So this lists most of Ďem.


Home of Kythera, a certifiably insane artist who can easily put emotion into even a stick figure.

Dreamie's Hidaway

Dreamie hs some truly stunning artwork, on a page that's fun- in a very insane way- to wander around. And she really does look like her garg character, turned human. Scary! ;)

Edenís Island

Another amazing art/fic site. Eden has an entertaining sense of humor, making this a particularly fun place to visit. But be warned, this is grapic heavy and it takes awhile to load. Not advised for AOL users.

Kanthara's Loft

Art by Kanthara; a professional animator, roleplayer, and generally nuts fan.

Genn/Ithil has this wonderful, style that reminds me of DiTerlizzi, only with a cartoon influence. She does art related to various RPGs as well as gargs.

The Nethersphere

Once known as Raptor Woman,Stephanie Lostimolo has cool pics, and her comic Schoolbooks and Brimstone is extremely funny! Then again, Iím bigoted; second yearís history teacher in high school DID seem to be from Hell...

Tenth Orbital

Home of lots of cool art (mostly garg related) by Artemis. Since I have trouble drawing a stick figure, Iím doubly awed by this goddess of artistry - er, archery. Whatever.

Ylla's Studio

Ylla has some beautiful art, espically her fairies. There's a whole whispy and ethereal feel to most of it. Truly beautiful and highly recommended.

Monthly Gargoyles Contest

Lots of art by anyone who wants to enter the topic of the month- LOTS of lovely art put up here. Eye candy enough to last several hours.


Other Art

T'San Enterprises

Home of Dogmatix, who can work magic in the paint program, let alone what wonders she can do with colored pencils. It must be seen to be believed! Or you can see even more of her wonders at her Elfwood gallery. ::bows to the goddess::


Literally thousands of pictures and stories by many artists and writers who aren't professional (although many should be!).


Drakhen has some amazing art (not entirely gargoyles, too, so there's something for everyone), outstanding fic, and created an extensive world that has to be seen to be believed. Very cool place. Go vist.

DiTerlizzi Illustration

A professional artist, Tony DiTerlizzi has a unique and absolutely beautiful style. He designed the look for White Wolf's Changling and TSR's Planescape settings -- and you can spot it a mile away. Magic cards, assorted books, his stuff brings to mind The Dark Crystal.... Really something to see.



DeckerMís Shadowrun Page

Another amazing fic writer, although DeckerM tends towards humor. Her Top 10 lists hit frighteningly close to a few PCs I know...

Shapcano's Shadowrun Stories

Shapcano is a great fic writer, and I frankly think FASA should be paying him for the stuff he cranks out. This is one terrific writer, folks. Check his stuff out. Also has lots of links to other Shadowrun sites.

Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace

Some consider this site to have the greatest fic around. Even if you don't think so, there's also contests, journals, rewiews, weekly polls, and a drekload of other cool stuff. If you haven't visited here, well.... do so soon!!!!

Shadowrun Quote File

A collection of sayings from Shadowrun sessions that range from hilarious to incomprehensible to downright weird. WARNING: some, if not most, wonít make sense to those who donít play the game.


Chummers that Defy Category

The Third Triumvirate

Home of my gaming group and really strange people in general. Contrary to popular belief, they apparently DO update. The nasty rumors that I give out karma for them to do it is totally unfounded, however. Really. ;)

Datafage's Martrix

Frankly, this hasn't been updated in so long, I think he forgot about it entirely. But it still at least has a good piece of fic up there. In the meantime, he's also succumbed to the Livejournal thing. Updated randomly.

Inside Joke

Tyr has a whole entire website to rant. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Then go and see what madness he's up to now. Lately, he's only been posting in his Livejournal, though. Go see the madness! And some uber nifty randomness.

Mendon's Whatever Du Jour

Mendon also has a place to rant. Much trippiness and song lyrics. He seems to be updating once a week or so.... good rants!



Alien Dice

Ok, so Alien Dice is part of The Cyantia Chronicles site (scroll down), but I'm too addicted to not put up a seperate link. Also the only webcomic I keep track of religiously since I started cutting down. It's not pokemon, it's not your average alien abduction, it's not even your generic comic.... It's got convoluted plot, trippy characters, text updates along with the pictures, and of course, Zeta. :)

Long Distance

By Conna Stevenson (check out Angelus in the garg section) and DrD -- an artist and a writer, and a long distance... thing. ::grins:: "Send e-blackmail?" Updates every Monday.

Sluggy Freelance

Well, since User Friendly got too geek for me, Sluggy has become imo, the best place for laughs on the net. I think the gif says it all (sorry if it takes awhile to load, but it's worth it, and it was smaller than the one with gratuitous bikini shots ;), and, well, just check it out. Otherwise, Bun-bun will be told. Updated daily.

The Class Menagerie

A great comic that's a furry take at college life. Need I say more? Unfortunately, it has come to an end, but you can still relive the insanity.

Kevin and Kell

A rather bizzare (and furry) statement about modern life. An entertaining daily strip.

Absurd Notions

The strange (mis)adventures of post college gamers. It's got RPGs, lots of irony, and general weirdness. On hiatus, but the archives are still there.

Acid Reflux

Think fantasy. Then think fantasy world on crack. It's fun, but apprently also on hiatus. Still archives!

EverSummer Eve

A weekly updated magna: professional level artwork, amusing storyline, and characters for everyone to drool over. ;) Updated Mondays.

The Cyantia Chronicles

Multiple storylines following the lives of Satin and Silk (anthro skunks from another planet) at different points in their lives, as well as their friends' escapades and the weirdness that is Cute Abominations. Different plotlines are updated on different days, often drama to go with the humor. (Multiple updates) Daily!

Bite Me

It's the French Revolution. Now add in feisty bar wenches, vampires, and humor to make you laugh yerself sick. That is the wonder that is Bite Me. Updates every Wednesday.

Strings of Fate

Wonderful writing, GORGEOUS art, humor, drama, and the Chinese Zodiac. A must see! Updates several lovely pages randomly.


Rather than list the 25+ other toons I used to hit daily, here's the place that hosts most of them! Recommended reading includes: Clan of Cats, College Roomies from Hell, Real Life, Greystone Inn, and As If!.


Other Places

The Anonymous Message Server

For when you just need to send a message off into the void. The only letdown is sometimes the return message.

The Baen Free Library

Download books... for free. We're talking stuff by authors like Mercedes Lackey, Rick Cook, and David Weber. Go! Download and ENJOY!!!! Free books, people. What's not to like?

Cascade Library

The absolute best place to go for gen Sentinel fiction!

Death and the Dragon

I'm not really a follower of Gundam Wing, but this fic is a must read. Mel and Christy rule! A shonen-ai/yaoi warning (aka slash of various levels... if you still do not understand, read their warnings), but the fic is so damn good even if you're not a fan of that, you still should check it out. I wanna write like them when I grow up....

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners

A really nice place to pick up some coding hints and tips. Where I get most of my knowledge (such as it is). Great for anyone who wants to learn how to make a page.

Nomad's Realm

Some really interesting fanfic. The highlight of the entire place, though.... "Donna the Vampire Slayer." West Wing meets Buffy. Yes, I know how scary that sounds. Yet strangely enough, it still kicks @$$. Go. READ!!!!

The Blind Pig

I've so far only read a handful of stuff (mostly by Phil Geusz -- make sure to look at his stories), but this is a fascinating shared universe. This one's worth a check, one of those random days.

They Might Be Giants

This duo came up with some of the coolest (and definitely weirdest) music ever performed. The site has lyrics, midis, interpretations (and Tyr says the songs are meaningless! Hah!), and even a few samples.

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