Just Some More Teen Angst
April 15, 2000

Not about any specific encounter or person, just a reaction to the latest. ::sighs:: I swear Iím gonna end up one of those crazy old hermit ladies that lives out in the middle of the forest and only comes out to cackle at people when strange, mysterious murders occur.

Internet Insecurities

I donít know you
I never met you
All I know is a screen name

We just started chatting.
And spent about 20 minutes
Before I ran away.

God I feel like such a dork
You didnít laugh at my jokes
I didnít get about half of what you said.

I donít know you
I never met you
But your goodwill is so important.

All I know is blue print
And that evilly cheerful ding.
I need to know I didnít look like a jerk.

Itís not life or death
Except for my ego,
My goddamned pride.

Buggered if I know why
But I need this strangerís goodwill
Like air, like water, I need this light.

If you hate me,
Iíll probably never know.
But please donít let that be.

Iíll probably spend the next few weeks
Magnifying my idiocy to entirely new proportions,
Wondering how you could stand being around such a jerk.

I might not know you.
Iíll probably never meet you.
But God help me, I need your approval.

I donít know why I feel this way,
I canít figure out how to stop agonizing.
Like pain, like death, it just is.

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