Home Again, Home Again?
March 24, 2000

WHOOOO!!!! Back in Buckhannon!


I am far too happy with this. I'm back in West by god Virginia after spring break home in little ol' Connecticut. And honestly, I'm glad of it. It's freaky, really. Back at the beginning of the year, I kept getting weirded out by people. I'd catch a glimpse of someone out of the corner of my eye and swear it was someone from high school, an old friend that should NOT be in West by god Virginia. It's really creepy when you think you spot Tyr, and it turns out to be the guy the roomies have christened "Drunken Chris." Don't ask.

Anyway, this break's lesson was not actually "you can't go home again." It turned out to be something more like "home is where you make it." See, I go back and visit teachers. It's good public relations, I enjoy visiting some of them, and for a few, if they find I HADN'T stopped by, I would be hurt. Badly. :-)

Annnywho. I was getting serious déjà vu - about college! When I saw people on the high school campus, I kept expecting people from WbgV. It was utterly bizarre. I knew they couldn't be there, but I'd see the back of someone and swear it was so and so. Gaaaah.

Even more trippy was running into two guys who had been in my class. They'd apparently been doing well at Hartford U. (or Hartford College... whatever. I don't know which it is), one as an art major and the other as undeclared with a possibility of school counselor. YAY!!! for them, though I doubt they'll ever see this. But it was just freaky to be walking around and encounter them by chance. Flashback!!!!

I also ran into the class president. That was full of mixed feelings. I was busy enjoying one of my roommates' reactions to the school's museum, so I was slightly distracted at the time. I was surprised to find I'd mellowed a lot towards him. He's the one who in middle school stole a book until I had to kick him in the shins, which led to me getting sent to the counselor who quite frankly was a clueless crackhead. *coughs* Yes, I am mellowed. Though I make no guarantees should I meet said counselor. Anyway, in this case, there was no longer the urge to rip off his head and spit down his neck. Just....

Hmm. I'm not sure what there was. Nothing, I guess. No more sense of despising him, not even much dislike. Resignation, maybe? No, that's almost defeatist. It just... was.

He just was. Isn't growing up FUN? ;) Or rather - and don't let this out - it's maturing. I can only see Phillips with vague, extremely faint feelings of possibly amusement mixed with resignation. I've known this - I suppose - popular young man since early elementary school, never really foes or friends until the book incident. I think I'm a fair match for him intellectually, socially and physically he wins hands down, but on the scholastical playing field, I do think I could take him. There's the vague aura of "what if." Nothing concrete, just touches of curiosity. He said he'd been thinking of writing to me a week or two prior. My cynical mother, who for reasons unknown to me, seems to hold major antipathy for his parental units and a not much higher opinion of him, mentioned that he was probably doing his class president duties and planning to write everyone. Somehow, I don't think so. I hope not. I'm still not certain what I do want.

I think I'd like to see him 5, 10 years down the road, see how he's turned out. Who knows. Maybe he'll be human, someday.

Also got a chance to see Tyr and Mendon. Introduced them to the roommate I brought home, and we spent a fun evening of insane games and the general weirdness. I miss Datafage. He came down to visit here (WbgV) for a weekend, but that's all I've seen of him since the last game of the summer. I really miss our gaming sessions. Mendon getting a freaky high on caffeine, Tyr with his usual insane rantings about things that go way, WAY over everyone's heads, and Datafage perched - quite literally - on the exercise bike behind me effortlessly quoting numbers and stats at the drop of a die, 20 plus cans of coke, Cheetoes crumbs everywhere on the rug, dirty jokes by the dozen, the general insanity.... God I miss that. I love it here at school, but I miss the guys. IM and ICQ just don't get the whole personality across.

Arg. How did this get so maudlin? This is what I get for trying to write while watching a docudrama on a cancer patient and making smartass comments to said roommate. Let's get back to where the train jumped the tracks.

I had a good visit from Tyr and Mendon. Got creamed in a game of "The Big Idea," but won the first game of Kill Dr. Lucky (muwahahaha). Of course, bluffed my way to a quick loss to Tyr in the second (he's a bastard, which makes us saaaad ;). Then got totally lost on this game involving the Tarot, which was trippy since my former roommate had done a speech on the Tarot in Oral Communications just before break. Datafage had his break the week before us, however, so never did get to see him. :-(

Bah. This movie is getting far too weepy. I'd best stop before it infects this rant any more. Hope y'all had a good break, and a good time back at school!

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