Note: Comments in blue are made by Dani, comments by Fel are red, and Loren's comments are green.
Costs are left to the GM's judgment. I'd personally recommend pretty darn high and a search for the doc that can perform the operations necessary for the cyber, and karma for the more idea orientated toys (yes, that does apply to my players. Sorry guys >;).

(Retractable) Single Spurs
This is a combination of cyber spurs in the wrists and elbows. It is actually one long blade of "metal" that can pop out of the wrist (like on the cover of Psycotrope) and the elbows, making for a nasty surprise. Since it is one single piece, it cannot be out at both places at the same time, but it is a free action to switch. Could be a nasty surprise for anyone trying to grab you from behind. Essence cost is .8

Forget it. Just go to a trustworthy street doc -
Now there's a contradiction in terms.
Shut up Fel. Go to a doc you trust not to file the paperwork -
All of 'em.
- and get both spurs. Might cost more of your essence, but works better. The only time I can think -
- of this being useful is if you're an expert at killing people with elbow spurs. Lone Star would only put their restraints on the wrist spurs, but again, it's better to get both.

Chat Room Deck
Ever wish you could deck in for just a second to find out what the frag your decker is up to?
Okay, probably not. But with modern tech, this can be accomplished by anyone determined (crazy) enough to try. This uses a small (about the size of a pocket calculator at most) deck that gives the user a basic, primitive persona program, programs allowing access to the Matrix, and a heavy duty trace prog. When a decker jacks in (or anyone else using a trode rig, which can be hidden under a hat), he or she can trace another decker to their current location. Using a cell phone *author's note: okay, the 2060 equivalent*, this can be accomplished from anywhere. The connection to the matrix is tenuous at best, so imagery tends to be washed out, distant, or ghostly (or any combination of the 3)

I hate this. It's good for quick checks, but the strain on your eyes is a slitch.
I like it. Then again, that may be because it saved my hoop a few times. Dani took a look see and noticed some black IC was about to smear my hoop from here to London and back, got to a real deck, and managed to help me take out the IC.
Yeah, true. (Help you? I remember it a bit differently….) But it gives you double vision: you see the matrix and the real world. If you can see into the astral at the same time…. Brr. Nasty. Find a reason to close your eyes or you'll end up in the psycho ward.
Only other thing you gotta remember is this is strictly for surveillance. A bit of white IC coded by a two year old could take you out without a problem. There's barely anything between you and the matrix.
There are easier - and safer - ways to keep in contact. Oh yeah, and it takes time and practice to be subtle about jacking in. That's mostly time in front of the mirror seeing just how obvious it is. My recommended method; wear a hat and keep "adjusting" it.

Shooting Spurs
Using modern technology and growing abilities of cybertechnology, cyber spurs can now be installed (for a high price) to be ejected at high speeds from the arm. In other words, a big fragging bullet with an edge. There are 2 versions; a one use (slightly cheaper and takes .7 essence) shot or a refillable style that is more expensive (costs .9 essence and if less than beta rating, is obvious there is a hole in the arm for some reason).

This is a useful toy. Bullet barriers don't stop anything that big that's bladed, and people just don't expect the spur to keep on coming. I don't know why anyone that would bother getting this in the first place wouldn't get the refillable option, but I guess some just worry about their essence more than others.
I for one can testify for the usefulness. Loren managed to take out a psychopath with one of these to save all our lives. Very cool toy. I'll never get one, but they're very cool.

Grappling Spurs
A variant on the shooting spur (even more expensive, worth 1.1 point essence) where the spur is attached to a rope and when shot, the spur opens into a 3 pronged grapple. A mechanism to rewind the rope (and hoist you) is included.

I never had the guts to try this. I was always too afraid that the grapple would open up before I shot it or something. I haven't heard about that happening, but then again I haven't heard of too many people with this. Even if it didn't open unexpectedly, you might want to get cyber arms or some sort of reinforcement for your arm before you just shoot and let it pull you up. Otherwise at best you'll dislocate your arm. At worst… uh. Then you'd be able to get that cyber arm.
That's just disgusting.

The Button
This is a complicated deck program/maneuver that requires 2 deckers and 3 decks. The first decker (the Bait) jacks into his deck (deck #1), then routes his matrix signal through to the 'sentry deck' which is located at another location (preferably far away that can afford to be compromised). Then the Bait sends his signal through the sentry deck to the Matrix. At this point, Decker #2 (the Pusher) jacks into the third deck, the Button, and piggybacks on the Bait's pesona. This contains minimum programs for greatest speed, so consists of minimum persona, progs for connecting to the matrix, possibly monitors of trace programs/the Bait, and the detonator for explosives in/around the sentry deck. The two deckers team up in the matrix and go about their business until attacked. At this point, where most deckers would jack out, the pair can wait for a trace program (if any) to get to the sentry deck. At any time (well, before death), the Pusher can hit the detonator for the explosives. This destroys the connection to the Matrix, kicking the deckers into the real world with a case of dump shock and slightly charred decks. If desired, this can be combined with surveillance at the location of the Sentry deck (now a smoking heap of junk) to find out just who was after you. Throw in automated defenses, and it's easy to turn the tables.

God I love this set up! I can't count the number of times it saved my life. With this, I can take on almost anything and get out with just a bit of dump shock.
A bit?! You call that "a bit"?!?! Hurts like hell!
Better than the alternative.
Eh. Suppose so. What Fel forgot to mention is you need to make sure you trust the other decker with you (bait or pusher) totally. If one of you has even the slightest problem working with the other, you're both likely to end up slagged. Get any arguments or grievances of any sort done with before even thinking of using this.
Oh yeah. The one time we needed this after a fight, there was the temptation -
On both our parts.
To just let the IC do its dirty work for just a little bit longer as revenge. Dani hit the button just in time. If the IC makes it past the sentry deck, you're as good as dead. And the cost of new sentry decks is a pain. But still, all in all, it's worth every cent.
Speaking from the receiving end, yes, this does work.

Lone Star Cyber-cuffs
Made from ceramic and metal alloys, and fashioned after the bracers of the middle ages, this is your average cop's best friend (next to a really big gun). When put on anyone with cyber spurs (forearm), it keeps them from using their spurs. Part of a cop's utility belt.

No comment needed, I think.
Well, we do need to add that there aren't many of there for spurs not located in the forearms. Sure, that's where most install them, but elbow, feet, and knee spurs present problems for most Star employees.
Well, we just heard it from someone who should know. But really, whatever happened to old, simple methods of just clubbing the meta - crook over the head until they're unconscious (or dead)? It's gotta be cheaper.
After Dunkelzahn, it's not politically correct.
Who's given a damn about that since the Night of Rage?
Well, it was probably the lawsuits that the Star got after the caught a suit slumming.
You two are hopeless.
For what, trying to inform other runners about things that might help them stay alive? It's our civic duty, damn it, and we'll keep doing it until we kick the bucket!!!
*sigh* I give up.
Hey Loren, ever think about selling cars?

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