I think I broke my last tie with Jay-as-Mary-Sue today. I mean, I'm not likely to have her mother drag out a photo album of baby pictures (I'm not THAT cruel and sadistic! ;) but hopefully it'll be easier to keep her in line in the future.

As for why the sudden realization, well, I'm writing this in Maryland on my way to college in West by god Virginia. After the slowly rising panic of the past week, this morning's last few "Where's this", "Why don't I have enough of that", and "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Idiot doorstop of a computer, WORK!!!!" seemed almost anticlimactic... until I hugged Dad goodbye. It wasn't quite a Niagara Falls moment, but my waterworks were threatening to let loose. It'll be nearing 4 months before I'm home again.


I know making new acquaintances is part of the whole college experience, but.... ::sighs:: Little late for regrets now, neh? But those are why I can let go of Jay. While it was necessary and logical plotwise, she was at least relieved/happy to run very far away to Cascade. Guess I'm just not ready to cut the apron strings yet.

Random Notes ('cause I'm bored and don't wanna read):

--Possum, possum, everywhere! Dunno what it is, but there seems to be an unusual amount of roadkill possum.

--Disturbing amount of tent caterpillars around. Though a few totally dead 'ghost trees' practically demanded a story.

--Pennsyltucky is too fragging long! FIVE HOURS through there!! Argh.

Anyway, that's about it for today.

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