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E-mail Or Else (I'll throw a hissy fit)!
August, 2000

"Dear readers: I've been posting some stories, but since I haven't gotten what I consider enough adulation and praise, I'm gonna stop unless you beg me not to. Write me or else the fic stops!"

::growls:: Yes, I have seen this type of message before in the Garg Fic Archive. Many times, from many different authors. And I'd like to say here and now, should I EVER try something like that, for God's sake belt me upside the head until I come to my senses.

I simply cannot comprehend the... egotism required for this idiotic Author's Note. First off, you are declaring that "hey, people dislike my writing enough that I've only gotten a few letters! Isn't that kewl??" Why tell the world that you are what you consider to be a failure? Secondly, no one's getting paid to write fic. You're supposed to do it because it's FUN, not because you're getting 'paid' emotionally by feedback. If it's not fun, then for God's sake STOP WRITING!!!! Hello! Earth to writer, buy a clue! Sure, some people might be pissed that you stopped, but those few - apparently not enough - letters aren't worth the fight with uncooperative creativity daemons that want to do something else. It will be boring, it will be more work than enjoyment, it will be an obligation rather than play.

It's. Not. Worth. It!

And lastly, while I don't normally preach artistic integrity or whatever, that plea is essentially shameless whoring. Gimme payment, and I'll give you goods. E-mail for writing. Writers should have more respect for themselves and their creations than that.

Do I get feedback? Yes, actually. Believe me, it's not a common event, but I do. And I am tickled pink by every single one, even if it's just a line of 'good job! I liked it!' It doesn't help me improve my stories, but I do appreciate it immensely, and I make sure I respond to every one as soon as I can get my scrambled ego into gear for a reply. Keep in mind though that I spent over half a year posting weekly in the archive. Posting one or two stories then whining about not enough feedback will not get any sympathy from me.

And yes, I would stop writing if I ever stopped having fun. But that day is far in the future. I'm enjoying myself far too much. Sure, e-mail provides a good prod to go and write more, faster, but I would still be writing even if I never got a single reply! Will I always write gargoyles? That's doubtful. I've got literally a dozen stories that need telling right now, and lots more half formed waiting in the wings, but I'll move on eventually. And when that happens, I just hope I go gracefully, and not scrabbling for pointless praise.

If you've seen issue 7 of WinterSmith Dreams, go look up "From a Fictional Character to the Person Who Writes Him". Then add 'Do not prostitute us. We are worth far more than the thirty silver for an electronic stamp.'

As always, comments can be e-mailed to Norcumi@backtick.net, Instant Messaged to the same address, or just sent on ICQ (to number 18189264).

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