The Gathering 2003

Wheeeee! Back from the Gathering! And what a trip. ::grins and poings:: Here's my report, with pictures are located at the end.


Quindar (S.O.) and I headed out early to the local Amtrack - not entirely a bad thing, since the AC broke 2 days before, so it was good to get someplace cool. The train ride itself was utterly awesome - admittedly my first time to take that mode of transit, barring the standard tourist trap deals, so this was fun and new. But really, I like it. There's this sort of timelessness to it - couldn't have taken 10 hours, but it was certainly more interesting than the 2 hour, feeling just as long plane ride that was an alternative. I'm cutting the gushing short so as to not bore people, but.... dang. We have GOT to do that again!

We ended up getting in to NYC just at sunset- wonderful timing AND scenery. I'll admit it was more than a little overwhelming, but after finding the hotel and entering our battle with the staff, things seemed good. A hunt for food, and that was the end of a fun day.


We took the day to play tourist, but it was too blasted hot out. ::shrugs:: Somewhere in there, we found the theater for Rent, got tickets for the evening, and then took a look at Times Square. Having played enough tourist and being far too overheated, made it back to the hotel to sit in the lobby, drink lots of water, and try to spot the incoming con people. We got out of the elevator at one point, and Greg got in, though I think he only recognized my con shirt, not me. Ah well. ::grins and poings:: After dinner and we sat gasping in the lobby, saw con staff and company come back (from their dinner?), and I got a hug from Thom Adcox. I am such a fan girl, it's sad. Not much else happened, so we finally had to venture out again to see Rent.

Oh. Wow. I mean, just flat out WOW. I've seen the Phantom several times, Beauty and the Beast, and this....

Pretty much has to be seen. I've heard the soundtrack quite a lot, and while it helped a LOT to know most of what was being said, but....

There is nothing to seeing "Glory" actually being preformed. That one shook me (in a good way), and there were several sports where I found myself crying a bit. It got to me that much.

Go see it. Please. Very much worthwhile.


Got up at a reasonable time - kudos to con staff, who knew scheduling things before noon isn't that much a Good Idea. Headed to the reception desk, and saw Lynati there. ::glomps Lynati:: We also signed up for mug-a-guest -- I insisted on the Thom one, and we did Vic Cook as a rather "what the hell why not there's only one other person there" thing.

Then headed around, looked in on various events, took a gander over the art room, and finally headed to the Mug-A-Guest.

::grins:: It was a friendly little session of people hanging out and bitching about the hotel staff. Everyone had at least one story to tell of them giving grief, up to insisting that Thom pay at the desk for his room (when it'd already been taken care of). Gandalug and Duncan took the prize as the plane lost ALL their luggage (sounded like switching crates with another plane)... hope they got it back. I never did hear how that ended.

Thom talked about about his latest work, and life - voice of a 4 year old Irish rabbit, and that he was there only a few days after one of his dogs had to be put down. Hopefully people helped cheer him up. Lessee. He came in with coffee and con packet, opening it up with a "I guess I'm supposed to be here... What are we doing?" ::grins:: And then when he found out he was supposed to stay there for Voice Acting with Greg, he immediately closed the door... which very quickly made itself irritating for the rest of the con in that it never went off "locked."

Greg had to knock rather loudly before Thom opened the door.

We stuck around for the Voice Acting, and enjoyed a lot. Usual stuff, but first time I've gone to it all. And then, at the end, when Greg was asking once again for volunteers to read, I went insane and volunteered. Greg picked me to read Brooklyn. I didn't do so well, but the sudden "people paying ATTENTION to me!" freak out wasn't nice. Though reading with Thom Adcox was one of those things you just don't come down from easily.

After that, on to food - I think that was the time we tried the Lindy's in the lobby. Blech food, for ridiculous prices (even for New York), and lousy service. So from there, on to Vic Cook's Mug-A-Guest.

Now, when we signed up, we made three people on the list. One person didn't show up. So we ran into Vic outside the room we were scheduled to be in, and he recognized me enough to start up an easy conversation, based on how things were from the last time he saw me (the 2000 con). This went on until a few minutes past our time, and whoever it was that had the room before was going busy and strong, so upon realizing that Quindar and I were there for his Mug-A-Guest, the three of us ducked into a side room and kept going.

If you ever want to have fun, get Vic alone for a chat for an hour or so. It's FUN. He catches on quick, too. It wasn't long before he asked if we were "friends, or...."

Heh. We gave him the abridged version, and went on to him talking about his latest project, which looks promising... not to mention it's fascinating to hear someone talk about a passion they're really into. Though unfortunately our time ran out, and he spent the rest of the con trying to corner us to get the whole story of how we met. Would've liked to accommodate him, but it didn't work out. Ah well. Another time. Given his memory for details from 2000, I'm sure he'll try to hunt us down again. ::grins:: Or maybe he has a website.....

Opening Ceremonies was good (even if it did interrupt the Vic talk ). Standard Greg spiel, with a lot of con virgins ("... man, I was trying not to say that this time" - Greg), good news. The DVD seems to be heading towards a reality (I hope I hope I hope), with first disc tentatively set as the first SEASON, with as much stuff as Greg can get crammed into it. Montreal 2004 has really got their act together - looks like hitting the ground running, and taking off. Looking forward to seeing how they manage to keep up.

I think after that took a time out from all the people, hit a bit of the Mystery Garg 3000, finally get to the con suite (WAY too many people, though I finally met Aingel! Would've been fun to chat more, but another c'est la vie moment) then sat through the Blue Mug-A-Guest with Thom and Greg.

Things started the way you'd expect: raunchy stuff to try to make everyone giggle, then gradually onto more actual "I'm curious about...." stuff. And then someone asked straight out: "Is Lex gay?"


Thud. I thought Greg was joking around at first, something other than his usual "all things are true/not answering at this time/whatever", so it took me a bit to catch up. Apparently if the show was still on, he would have introduced a "friend," and while nothing would/could be shown on screen, people could speculate... and they'd be right.

There was more discussion about character development and Lex in general, and after that, a few more questions and revelations that probably missed most everyone - even me, but Quindar pointed stuff out later that really does rock reality. I'll let him tell those, if he wants.


Breakfast, then off to the Roughnecks and 3x3 Eyes Q&A. A little disappointed by this one. Tech problems, so things were quirky. And not much Roughnecks, and I'm interested in what I don't know (Having seen 3x3 Eyes way too many times through, I'm a little... something).

After that.... ::gulps:: When Worlds Collide: Crossing over with Fanfiction. I was on the panel. Met Whitborne/Dylan Blacquiere finally, who obviously had no idea who I was other'n someone hanging around at the front table.

Our scheduling wasn't the greatest - against Cel Creating Demo and Writing for Animation and Series Development (in which Greg and Vic were revealing their latest project - the thing Vic was so pumped up about during the Mug-A-Guest), but frankly, I was glad to not face down too many people. We got a decent bunch, Lynati came in and started eating her breakfast (2 pm), and we started. The three of us seemed to make a good team - I talked probably way too much; Dylan was beyond great at playing crowd control and lots of good points; and Lynati got everything in that we might have missed (and Quindar helped with the occasional question/point in the audience). So... while it was occasionally more than frustrating, just a bit scary, and Dylan didn't talk enough (I like listening to accents, ok?), it was a good panel. I caught random person afterwards in the Ladies Room, asked her what she thought, and it seemed to be an honestly good review.

After that, in the same room was Vic Cook doing Storyboarding and Animation Directing, in which he showed the promo tape of his project. It really is an utter shame how TV execs want to butcher it in order to allow development to be done, but overall I think that could be reason to get back into watching TV again.

The Radio play was done well - The Reckoning, which for those like me who can't remember is the Clone episode. The guy who did Fang was wonderful, "Angela" impressed me, "Claw" was great (Greg describes the scene, all the included actors stands up, when the scene is done, the actor sits down), and.....

Thom Adcox as Sevarius.... ROTFL. There is no other way to put it. He was wonderfully smarmy, had the maniacal laugh _down_ - epically when he and Thailog started laughing together. Gods, that was great.

Banquet was... good food, odd set up. Not going into it, since evening turned out well. Quindar and I ended up squishing into Lynati's table (with all the strange and fun people, including one who goes to school in Pittsburgh {!!!}). And it was very VERY much fun to finally have a chance to sit down and just talk with Lynati.

We had special guest star Nichelle Nichols (Diane Maza and Uhura from the original Star Trek) up front for the meal. When the Q&A session started, of course people started asking her questions - gargs and Star Trek. Now, she seemed to be a very pretty and composed and famous woman who really liked to ramble on about her latest projects (book, sci-fi takes place on Saturn, which is her ruling planet). Lynati ended up doodling through the boring bits - and made me a picture! ::squeals like the demented fangirl she is:: That will be the first thing scanned when I finally figure how to!

I finally got up the guts to ask a general question, so raised my hand, and Greg of course didn't look over at me. I'm... not sure if he actually heard the "Greg... Greg! Over heeeere. Greeeg!", but he eventually called on me and I asked the guests as a whole a random garg question. I think it was any favorite memories, maybe. Vic was very nice and sweet and said Mark of the Panther, I forget about Thom (bad fangirl, bad!), and Greg very skillfully made sure he didn't give the mic away again. Soon after, Nichelle had to go sign autographs ($20 per!), so that wrapped up quickly.

Masquerade was very small - good, because very tired. A very nice Matrix cosplay, Agent and all, a GREAT Vinney (Gen-U-Tech ID card and all), Hudson and Kythera as Hudson and captured cranky garg.... I forget what else. Lessee... Owen complete with sign "Xanatos is my bitch", Robyn the Hunter, and no idea what else without looking at photos.

After sticking around for free shirts, we collapsed.

Sunday, decided sleep was more important than getting up for events, so we missed pretty much everything. ::shrugs and sighs:: Ah well. I hear the auction went beyond slow, and Closing Ceremonies also lagging. Either way, VERY good con. I really enjoyed things. My only regret is not getting to hang out with people more, but given situations, prolly wouldn't have been likely.

And the train ride back was awesome. Except for the guy who couldn't take the rattling of something between the ceiling and the luggage rack.... to the point of borrowing someone's leatherman and trying to tighten the screws. The conductor wandered by during this, gave him a look and some snarky commentary - he had a great sense of humor and shared it with a lot of the other riders in hearing in range. Wheee!

Random Bits

* For some reason, con staff was trying to overwhelm Greg with peanut M&Ms. I don't know why, just random encouragement to give them to him. Masquerade prizes were half bags of them, and as he found a stockpile, literally let out "What is WITH all the M&Ms??!? I like 'em, but come on!"

* I saw Harry Potter books everywhere. On the train, in NY, Vic's daughter lugging one around.... yikes!

* 2004 had a good, and very amusing pitch... they emphasized that in Canada, drinking and gambling age was 18. Very playful, amused and in control group. Really am looking forward to seeing how that develops.


So, there are sort of pictures - between bad cameras and the photo place butchering the scans and developing process, there's only a few and they're just so-so. There are some good ones, but those are brought to you by Quindar (YAY! thank you!) But here you go: pictures!


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