Dreams and an Apology
May 23, 2001

In this, the end of my highly cynical teenage years, I find myself suspicious of fads. It seems to me that they serve no purpose than to survive, spreading the current in thing from person to person in some strange, capitalist plague.

Sounds incredibly communist, put like that. Ah well. I havenít read Harry Potter, I dislike Tolkien, and Iíve yet to see the point of Dawsonís Creek. But I just finished all ten books of Sandman. Graphic novel, borrowed from Tyrethali. I honestly figured Iíd read them, send them back, and be done with it.

After all, itís just a comic book. Right?

Ya know, I should remember more closely the epiphany I had reading a novel crossover between Spiderman and the X-Men.

Three days, give or take a bit, for ten graphic novels, concerning anthropomorphic personifications. Dreams. I didnít expect a sense of awe for the three, maybe five page funeral procession. I never guessed Iíd be upset when the Furies- er, rather, the Kindly ones- hounded the inhabitants of the Dreamland to take revenge on the Lord of Dreams. I was surprised to find myself with a rather emotional lump in my throat during the funeral service. And it was a real shocker to find I liked the second Corinthian (the first one was way too creepy).

I guess what my rather tripped out mind is trying to form is, that was a damn good story. The art varied from infuriatingly wrong (thatíd be the Picasso-ish tones in number nine, The Kindly Ones) to outstandingly beautiful (rather magna-ish The Wake, number ten). The story flowed, although maybe grew is a better word, building up and taking unexpected directions while weaving in facets with continuity like you wouldnít believe.

I really enjoyed reading all of Sandman. I am thankful Tyr had all of them, because stopping along the way would not only have sucked majorly, but driven me nuts in the quest to figure out what was happening next. Not to mention I think it really wouldíve reduced the magic.

Anyway. I was wrong. I saw Sandman as a minor fad, especially online. I didnít expect it to be half as good as it was, and never as... enthralling? mystical? amazing? None of the words seem to fit. Well, it wasnít what I expected. I was pleasantly stunned, even if it did have a rather trippy effect on me. Iíd really recommend reading it, but make sure you get the entire series. Bloody expensive.

Actually, Iíd recommend borrowing it. Because as much as I loved the adventure the first time, I donít think the second time though would be as fun. Itís weird. I love rereading books. Revisit a second, third, or whatever time to catch all the little things I missed the first reading because I was in such a hurry to get to the end, to finish. I donít like the thought of rereading Sandman. Heh. Ya know, somehow it seems wrong. Go figure. Iím not sure why.

Well, anyway. I doubt Iíll reread it. And since I canít think of something nifty and profound to wrap things up, Iíll steal a quote from Brief Lives.

Delirium: Whatís the name of the word for things not being the same always. You know. Iím sure there IS one. Isnít there? There must be a word for the things that lets you know time is happening. Is there a word?

Dream: Change.

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