For centuries, mankind has competed with another race: Gargoyles, winged protectors that turn to stone during the day. In 994, at Wyvern, Scotland, one of the last clans was cursed to sleep in stone form until Wyvern Castle rose above the clouds. In 1994, the spell was broken in Manhattan. In 1996, Connecticut's clan revealed themselves to a teenage cancer patient.
Even for the defenders of the night, things get weirder from there....

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And if you want to check out more details on the clan itself, I've done up a lengthy, but hopefully thorough Overview of them. Clan history, members, and all the random info you never knew.


Who's On First Rated: Y-7
The Gargoyles Internet Reunion had a challenge in 2000 for fic- write a crossover. I got silly, but I also won second place. ^_^?

Demona... a business meeting... and an Abbot....
(no relation to the rest of my stuff -- meaning amusing, but not canon)

Free To Fly Rated: Y-7
Savage Garden + a challenge to write 19 fics in one month. This is one of the results. And get ready for the end of the world: I'm not only happy with this fic, but I actually like it!

A decade after the Wyvern Massacre, Demona returns and finds she must fly once more.

Ordinary Heroes Rated: PG
During MC's challenge of 19 fics in one month, this songfic rather demanded to be written. Actually, it was the bits with Morgan and Rafe that jumped out at me. The other two were done to complete the song.

Sometimes, with all the gargoyles and sentinels running around, we forget about the other heroes. A tribute to them, the 'ordinary' people who are just doing their jobs.

Conditioning Rated: PG (language)
Someone asked me the "why" as to Jay's obsession/interest in putting her 'clan' first. Throw in my own combination of neuroses and Jay's mary sue status.... and this is what you're stuck with.

About two years before Jay gets cancer, the school counselor gets more than he asked for when it comes to insight to a strange girl's mind.

Ding Dong Fred Is Dead Rated: PG to lower PG-13
This started as a journal entry when I got diagnosed with cancer to reassure the doctors that I was handling things all right. Then a gargoyle crept in, and Servarius showed up, mutating a short story into this 35 page monstrosity.

What do you get when you put together two teenagers, one whoís a gargoyle, and a lump named Fred?

Interlude Rated: PG
A long filler for Ding Dong Fred is Dead. Also the perfect example of why I try not to post a fic before finishing; it was originally meant to be something along the lines of Jay becoming accepted by the clan as a gargoyle. Instead, it became a closer look at the clan and answered some questions that have been bugging me.

Just what did happen during the summer Jay became a gargoyle? Modern gargoyle culture at its weirdest.

Man or Beast? Rated: G
One of those fillers for Ding Dong Fred is Dead I promised. Really, really short.

A look into the life of a half-gargoyle.

Reunions Rated: PG
One minor rant right here for those who read TGS. This isn't meant as a cheap rip-off, I started and finished this before the TGS episode ever came out. I'm just lazy and don't want to change the names (there's a conspiracy I tell you, coincidence like this isn't possible!!!!) so just live with the confusion. As for everyone else, hopefully I've confused them with this so everyone starts reading it the same way. :)

Jay and Tate have one of the most interesting weeks of their lives when fate - and family - show up in the weirdest ways.

Field Trip Rated: PG-13
Well, it had to happen sometime. Figured it might as well be now.

Tate and Jay go on another field trip, this time to New York. A fun filled weekend of Quarrymen, the Manhattan Clan, and everyone's favorite psycho blue immortal.

Meg's Journal
This is a collection of seven stories that ended up like the Avalon World Tour meets the Phoenix Gate, and probably would work better as one big story, but then I'd have to finish writing it all. Oh well. You're stuck with this. Continuing with the saga of the insane clan of gargoyles in Connecticut, these will focus on Megan.

Circles Rated: Y-7
How come the happiest times in life are so often followed by the saddest?

Looking To the Past... Rated: Y-7
Meg learns her true purpose.

...To see the Future Rated: PG
Back to the Future, gargoyle style.

Welcome to the Shadows Rated: PG for language
When corporations rule the true power of the world, a dragon is president, and trolls and dwarves walk down the streets of Seattle next to elves and magicians, whoís going to notice a gargoyle?

Rushin' Steps Rated: PG for language
Meg makes some interesting new friends.

When in Rome.... Rated: low PG-13 for language and nasty situations
In the ancient city of Rome, Meg meets an old enemy and some new gargoyles.

The Final Journey Rated: PG-13 for language and implied content
Like it says; The End.

Jester's Elegy Rated: G
Though it hasn't shown up in what I've posted so far, Frank is somewhat of the clan's bard. He's got a halfway decent voice, a talent for rhyme, and psycho enough to break into song at literally the drop of a hat. However, he's more than the comic relief druggie songster. He just hasn't told me what, yet. But after a night of drug induced insomnia, he let me have a quick look. Hope you enjoy.

A quick glimpse into a soul deeper than clan mates would - or often could - imagine.

Demons Rated: PG-13
Next up; Steve, the other "bum" of the clan. He's not nearly as deep as Frank, but he has his own problems.

If we do not confront our nightmares, our inner demons often confront us at the worst of times. The only question is: which is the dreamer, and which is the nightmare?

Evil Twin Rated: PG for language
Yerg. Ok, next fic will not be as depressing as the last few. As for pointless story background.... well, it wasn't going to be this weird except I used the lab background for Corbin, so that didn't leave me many options for Topper. And then there's the fact that I watched Beloved. (GAH!!!! EVIL MOVIE!!!!!) in English class.... Inspiration comes from everywhere. Even when you don't want it too. Actually, espically then.

A new arrival disrupts life for everyone.

Deal with the Devil Rated: PG for language
::sighs:: Welcome to garg angst central. Actually, no gargs in this; I wanted to do a bit with some minor characters, but it took quite awhile to get this short story out of my head.

A New York detective comes to Connecticut to discuss gargoyles with a firefighter.... only to discover one heck of a family secret.

Time Echoes Rated: PG-13
::shrugs:: No excuses for this one. Think A Christmas Carol meets Alice in Wonderland. Gargified. More about Troy's background.

As the holiday season rolls around, the clan is forced to wonder about their newest member as he acts increasingly oddly.

Clairvoyance Rated: PG for language
Whew. This one took awhile. I've been hacking at it.... Well, far too long. When it got stuck, I put it aside until I realized I'd asked Dogmatrix for a pic to go with it, and, well, I felt I needed to do SOMETHING to ackowledge such a spiffy picture, so I forced it done. All told, I'm reasonably happy with it.

Nicole's turn in the spotlight when the clan has some visitors from New York.

Road Trip Rated: PG for minor language
::grins:: A bit of fluff that hit me last time I went through the carwash and recalled what my first time through had been like. Then I had to write something around that scene, and here it is.

Jay takes some of the clan to visit a local historical landmark, with results nobody - well, at least none of the characters - expected.

Summer's End
Ahhh, another saga. I've actually been planning the vague beginnings of this for awhile, but nothing major until Denis mentioned it'd be cool to see more of Demona's interactions with Jay. Then it all fit together, so here is the story that changes almost evreything in the Clan's world. No, not cataclysmic, just big changes.

Graduation Rated: PG
Jay and Tate have survived high school, now it's time to survive the Real World. Jay begins by getting a job.

Discovery Rated: high PG for language
More chaos with Jay at Nightstone, and Demona makes some unexpected discoveries about humans, her past, and her new assistant.

Flash Point WARNING Rated: R for violence
There's a killer on the loose, and he's about to change Jay's world....

Identity Crisis WARNING Rated: R for violence
As Jay struggles to get a grip on gargoyle nature, she is faced with violence in the workplace....

Frost Rated: PG
In conclusion: Jay makes a landmark decision about her clan and her life

Author's Note Rated: PG for language
Much public groveling to the nifty people that helped this saga become what passes for reality.

Transitions: Schooling Rated: PG for language
Just some filler between the Summer's End and Resurrection sagas. My apologies, I thought it would end up being 3 different stories, but they all ended up being so short, I just crammed them together into one file.

Jay, Tate, and a surprise guest- P.O.V.s on what goes on between Summer's End and Resurrection

Transitions: Learning Rated: PG for language
So... I wanted to do some more first person writing. Nothing for a complete fic, but enough character development that it had to be done. This one was oddly fun.

More on the three months between sagas.

Transitions: What Do You Fear? Rated: PG for language
Tate, the surprise contestant, and Jay- songs and snippets.

I'm actually happy with this saga. Well, except for Mind. ::shrugs:: It felt right to combine the Sentinel and Gargoyles universes. Thereís no other way to put it. I think I can blame Denis for this one too, something about how similar gargoyle senses are to a sentinelís. ;) Even if not, as usual he spawned a lot of it. Yeah, for the most part Iím happy with this.

Author's Note Rated: PG for language
Just a quick reference file for names and appearances of most of the characters. Also a good point to start reading if you donít wanna bother with my previous Gargoyles stuff (however, you REALLY might wanna read Evil Twin and Time Echoes cause they are important, and I didnít want to spoil surprises in here. Er, they help lots).

Mind Rated: PG-13 for some really disturbing images
"Death is only the beginning!" when youíve got clan in need!

Body Rated: PG for language
Jayís roommate is attacked, and Cascadeís best police team is called in on the job....

Soul Rated: PG-13 for violence and weirdness
Jay's friends are fighting for her life and theirs, but the enemy they face could be more than they can handle....

Heart Rated: PG
The battle is over, but can they pay the price? Change is in the air as aftershocks from the fight surface.

Of Choice Rated: PG
More Sentinel crossovering!!!! Hmm, that's not a word, is it? Owell.

Now that Jay's survived a vampire attack, she has to live through Thanksgiving.... with a Sentinel, his Guide, and the entire Cascade Major Crimes divison.

Father of Mine Rated: PG
Backstory is fun!

Tate pays a visit to his father, and learns some surprising family history.

Recess Rated: PG
I've learned that co-writing fic can sometimes be hell. Thankfully, this fic was so far from that: it was a total blast!

Rhiannon and Richmond meet Jay, Tate, Jim and Blair. Naturally, chaos follows. Read, and decide for yourself - Who is the bigger Trouble Magnet?

Mariah Rated: PG-13
More backstory! This monster's been in progress for literally years - I think I started it soon after Reunions, but it took this long to finally finish. Apologies for the rather comic book overtones (Captain America, anyone?); much of this was early stuff.

We all know Tate is half human, half gargoyle. But how did such a union come about?

Frere Jacques Rated: PG
This idea has actually been lurking around since I first mentioned Karenís fate. My defense is soap operas mangled my brain into a state where I could even consider it.

A cryptic phone call leads Tate on a road trip to family from his father's past.

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