June 28, 1997

This is my first entry as... well, I donít know, Sadie never actually called the post anything, so I guess now itís gonna be the Recorder. Man, that sounds dorky. Stupid at the least. But.... Somebodyís got to do it! Heh heh. Um. Iím not really sure how this is supposed to go, (this is my first time) so Iím probably gonna end up rambling a lot. So... first thing first.

Call me Megan, everybody calls me Meg, Pain in the * censored *, or just plain ole Hey You. Iím a fuchsia color, ya know, a too-dark-to-be-pink-but-too-red-to-be-purple sorta shade. My hair is brown and I keep it in a pony-tail most of the time, or braided. Uh, lessee, um, Iíve got three horns that come out of my forehead and temples and curve back (ooo, scary), but theyíre blunt and not very long. And Iíve got wings like a blue jayís. Seriously. Well, bigger, and I can only glide but still, theyíre blue (yeah, yeah, and with black and white stripes, sheesh, talk about nitpickers), feathered, and pure hell to manage in the rain. One messed up gargoyle. Pretty much the geek of the clan. Iím just lucky that I donít need glasses. Oh boy, that would kill the criminals by laughter alone. Iím most comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt (actually, thatís kinda the standard for the clan), and I avoid jewelry, although I do wear earrings (usually mismatched; it drives Kyla crazy). Oh yeah, Iím also pretty short for a gargoyle. Iím only about 5 feet, 7 inches (eight if I stretch) tall. Well, if you see me, youíll know who I am. Yahoo.

Iím kinda what youíd (well, most people anyways) call a tinker(er?). I like to take things apart, see what makes Ďem work, and put Ďem back together again. I built and/or improved most of the defenses to the house, put together most of our stranger (read: space-age) devices, fixed up several vehicles, and can program a VCR. Tada! Betcha donít know many people that can do that. Iíve even helped Silicon with some of the computers. Well, putting them together. That I can do. Interact in a social environment or actually use a computer... forget that. No way at all. Nuh-uh, no way, no how. It just ainít gonna happen. Kicking bad-guy butt is the extent of my social skills. I just seem to get along better with machines then people. The exception to that is - was - Sadie.

Guess I better back up and explain why itís me and not her thatís writing this, what happened, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.


Okay, I guess it started three nights ago (tonight, last night, then it happened the night before that one. I donít count normal, okay?). I was on patrol and, lucky me, it was with Tate and Jay. The Love Birds. Those two are so sweet itís enough to give you a toothache. Itís not just that theyíre in love, itís the fact that they donít seem to realize that they are. It gets to be a romantic moment, and they hesitate, like they arenít sure that theyíre both in love. Makes you want to grab both of them by the throat and shout, "Kiss her, you fool!" or something like that.

Anyhoo, I digress. The Love Birds were sharing a Tender Moment (or making out, Iím not sure which) at the penguin pool at the aquarium while I was looking around Mystic Village. ĎScuse me, Olde Mystik Village, a.k.a. the shopping center (for those of you not from "Ďround Ďere", theyíre next (sorta-kinda) to each other).

My radio crackled and Steve, first of the two stooges, yelled into it, "Meg? Tate? Jay? Anyone?! Come in!!!"

I caught a sweet thermal off the joined parking lots and rode it up like an elevator, just hovering in mid-air (although I donít know where else you could hover). "Chill, bro," I told him, as the wind threw me half off the thermal, sending me into a spin. I moved with it and modified it, nearly flying for real. "Whereís the fire?" I winced soon as I finished the sentence. Fires and Steve are... bad juju. Iíll leave it at that; Iím sure Sadie put it down somewhere in her journals.

"You guys gotta get back here STAT!"

"Wha Ė we barely started on patrol! Why? Whatís wrong?" The thermal was instantly forgotten, and I became all business. Say what you like about my generation, but weíre all gargoyle when it comes down to the line, and I do mean every one of us.

I turned and rode the thermal up further, then went into a dive aimed vaguely at the penguin pool. It looks weird and kinda stupid, but you get speed like you wouldnít believe.

"Itís the eggs," Steve declared.

"What?!" I shrieked, unable to believe it. It was too early...Wasnít it? Apparently not. I was so shocked I nearly crashed into the aquarium.

The Love Birds heard my yell and appeared in the air like magic, obviously expecting to see me surrounded by Quarrymen (Thank goodness we donít have them in the area. They seem to stick, thankfully, to New York). All they found was me nearly plowing into the building.

"Um, you okay?" Tate asked.

"Yeah, sure. Címon, we need to get to the house."

"Whatís wrong?" Jay had gotten over her giggle attack enough to talk.

"Nothing. Youíll see, but we really gotta hurry." The Love Birds shared a Look, then darted after me.

We made it back in record time. Also in time to see the hatching. We landed at the back door and went right into the cellar. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tate stiffen in surprise. "Oh my God," he whispered.

"Tate, will you please tell me whatís going on?"

"Itís the eggs. Theyíre hatching." Somehow, we all found some more speed. We were the last to arrive, joining the entire clan. We were gathered in a circle around the five eggs, which the eager parents hovered near, inside the circle (Mector and Talia had two eggs, Art and Jerry had one, and the last two were Liam and Arinís). The eggs had been moved from the Rookery to a thick rug in the middle of room, providing lots of space for everyone. Some sat on the couches/chairs that had been moved out of the way, or just stood around, waiting, but we were all watching. I heard Steve and Frank placing bets on which egg was going to hatch first and what it would be.

Then Art and Jerryís egg quivered, (well, okay, all of Ďem had been doing that, but this was the first big one), then cracked. The new parents barely restrained themselves from fainting (Art) or helping the hatchling out of its shell (Jerry) (ah, doncha love tradition? Not helping the hatchling supposedly makes it stronger/a better warrior. Riiight. All who believe that, kindly help the gene pool and do yourself in). A tiny hand, four-clawed and a deep violet color, pushed its way out of the shell. There was a collective breath in. The hand waved around for a second, then retreated back into the shell. Then, a foot appeared at the opposite end of the shell. I had to stifle a momentary image of that walking, talking egg in the Garfield cartoon on TV. The foot also retreated, then an extended crack sounded in the silent room. The hatchling, a tiny thing only about a foot and a half long had managed to split her egg in half. The tiny female, finally outside of her shell, looked around at the assembled clan. Then she laughed.

There was a collective "Aww" and Steve handed money over to Frank.

Jerry picked up the hatchling with trembling hands and, with her mateís help, wrapped the girl in a blanket, wiping off the slime from the egg. The two carried the hatchling over to where Sadie was enthroned in an armchair and handed the child to her.

Jerry bowed her head. "Will you name her, Elder?" she asked quietly.

The ancient gargoyle took the hatchling like she was glass. The kid burbled and laughed again, kicking out with her giant feet. Sadie smiled. "This is the first hatchling of our clan. She is the new promise for the continuation of our kind. We are not the last. We will not be the last." Her smile widened as the hatchling kicked the air again. "And this one reminds me of a friend... I greet you, Prima." (For those of you not fortunate enough to know her, itís pronounced with a long I and short A)

One of Liam and Arinís eggs rattled and cracked, as if aware that it wasnít the center of attention anymore. Itís brother or sister shivered in its egg and both began the laborious process of getting out. The shells finally fell away from the impatient egg, revealing another female, this one a humanoid eagle. She opened her beak and squawked, a cry that demanded attention. Sadie laughed again as the child was handed to her. "I greet you, Aquila."

This one took me a few moments to place. Then it hit me. Latin for Eagle. Appropriate.

The other egg gave off a crack as Aquilaís rookery kin came out of its shell. It was a male, again a humanoid critter, but this time like a deer, or stag.

"Ah, youíre a handsome one indeed," Sadie declared, rubbing the tiny nubs on his head where horns would probably grow, "like a tiny king. But Iím afraid that position is already taken." For a moment, her eyes unfocused, as if she was looking at something far away or at the end of the room behind me. Then she grinned. "I greet you, Duke."

Okay, that one I couldnít figure out. Well, except as a wonderful way to torment the kid while he was growing up. I couldnít wait for the jokes about the gargoyle formally known as Duke.

Everyone turned to look at the eggs of the Leader and the Second. I could see Talia trying to hold back tears as the eggs finally stopped shaking. There was a fear that we all shared at one level, that these eggs would be, to put it frankly and kinda cruelly, duds. This isnít that common, but it can and does happen; sorta like a human miscarrying. Except humans donít wait ten years to find that out.

The silence deepened, turning from a warm, fuzzy, expectant hush to a depressed dread. Aquila began to cry, as if she sensed that there was a major problem. Several of the clan murmured quiet sympathy and apologies to the LeadĖ no, to Mector and Talia.

But not Sadie. She shuffled over to the eggs and hushed Aquila on the way. She glared at the eggs like it was their fault that she was missing out on very limited time (aw, man, I didnít mean to say it that way) to read a very good book. She rapped the eggs with her tail, once, twice. In the fluorescent lighting, I nearly missed the sight of the deep green and brown glow that meant that she was using magic. Iím pretty sure I was the only one that saw it.

No response from the eggs, and some of the clan obviously figured the loss of two potential hatchlings had finally pushed her over the edge. But Sadie just rapped on the shells again, this time hard enough to crack them. Several protests went up, probably viewing it a sacrilege or something.

This being her first Hatching, Jay just stood and stared, her eyes getting rounder and rounder. The mutters of discontent finally shook her from her amazement. "This isnít good?" she whispered to me.

"Girl, thatís like asking if Hitler was insane."

The amazed, happy and warm-fuzzies look disappeared. "Great," she drawled.


Sadie glared at the eggs. "Thatís quite enough," she scolded them, "its time to stop playing. Come on out, weíre getting rather short on time."

I wish I had paid more attention to what was going on, to exactly what Sadie was saying. But the eggs shivered again, a massive quake, then both split cleanly at the crack where she had hit them.

Two new hatchlings stared up at everyone, looking slightly bewildered and rather annoyed. There were cheers and lots of back thumping as well as a few apologies to Sadie, who looked smug but very exhausted. She, for the first time to my eyes, looked like all her two hundred plus years.

The new parents scooped up the hatchlings and wiped them off. "Elder?" Mector asked, holding out one of the children. Sadie took one, a male with dark gray skin and wings with scalloped edges. The other child was a female, a very dark green that was almost black, but with streaks of gray, white, and lime on her skin. Sadieís breath caught as she glanced at me... no, over my shoulder, and then she nodded. "I greet you, Slate Ė " to the male Ė "and Marble Ė" to the female. "Welcome all."

There was movement behind me, a flicker I only saw out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was one of the watchdogs, or the Terrible Two coming up to surprise me.

I hate surprises.

So I turned, ready to dish out some sort of scathing comment, but I froze, unable to do anything but stare. There were five gargoyles behind me; three females, and two males. And Iíd never seen then before. I paused and risked a double take behind me. Then again, I sorta had.

From left to right, they stood in pairs except for the lone female at the furthest left. She was a deep purple, the sort of color so dark that it can only be called plum. Instead of the "normal" bat style wings, hers were attached along the bottoms of her arms and her sides to taper to her waist, forming triangle flaps of flesh, mirrored by a split tail that had another fleshy flap between the two apendages. I was surprised, that was truly the first time I ever saw that style of wings. At the time, I wasnít sure they would allow her to fly (actually, it means sheís streamlined like you wouldnít believe. When she puts on the speed, Prima can go fasterín the proverbial bat). Her hair was a shocking reddish-blonde caught up in a braid that fell over her shoulder. She was rubbernecking like crazy until her gaze fell on Sadie. Then she froze and gaped.

The next was a pair, a male and female. The male was tall, Ďbout 6 feet and a bit, not counting the horns. Those added at least another foot. He was a stag given human traits and wings. His fur was a soft brown and dressed casually in jeans and a camouflage vest. For a moment, he was listening to the female next to him, then he seemed more concerned with the purple female. He had an air of command that told me clear as a neon sign that if he wasnít Leader, then he had to be Second. There was no other possibility.

The female next to him was a warrior through and through. She was a humanoid bird, with feathers of dusty brown until the light caught them, coating them with a golden sheen. On her back was a quiver-ful of arrows and a bow. She carried a staff of wood and had several knives in her belt and sheaths on her legs (personally, I think itís overkill, but... she probably takes that literally), as well as at least two handguns. Large eyes scanned the room constantly, only hovering on the hatchlings for any length of time.

The last pair was the most striking of an amazing group. The female was just short of seven feet tall with a figure and face to kill for. Her coloring was the strangest I have ever seen, a dark dark green that could nearly be called black. Streaks of gray, white, and lime followed the lines of her muscles, nearly shimmering and doing a literal disappearing act in the light. Her hair was pure white and pulled back in a knot at the back of her head except for several braids that framed her face. The braids were the same colors as the streaks of her skin, as well as the dark green, black, and several other various shades of the streaks. Damn, I thought in a daze, Sadie really picked her name well.

The male was the Leader of the group. Like Duke, this future Slate had an aura of command that he wore like a cloak; an air of "You can trust me, tell me whatís wrong and Iíll do my best to fix it. If I canít, Iíll go find someone who can". He was about six and a half feet tall, with skin a light gray that turned silver when the lights hit it, and he had no hair (all right, all right I admit it! Yeah, he reminds me (sorta-kinda) of the Captain on Star Trek the Next Generation, whatís-his-name, Jean-Luc Picard or whatever it is. There, you happy now? Ow. That statement was courtesy of Frank (mumblemumbledidnítREALLYhaveto twistmyarmmumble). Whoís going to be in considerable pain, as soon as I finish with this...).

Ahem. A really impressive group. They stood staring at the clan for several moments, then Slate turned and gestured for them to follow. They filed out the door, disappearing as soon as they passed through the door frame.

But Prima hesitated and looked longingly at Sadie. She paused and shot a glance at the doorway, where Duke was the only one not through. She bit her lip, then started towards Sadie. She only got a few steps before Duke caught her arm. He whispered into her ear, his eyes holding understanding and a similar pain to hers. (You canít hear them, my brain suddenly informed me, you havenít heard a single thing theyíve said yet. Or anything from them. I told the little voice to shut up.) Prima shook her head, mouthing (saying?) a single word. Duke sighed and took her shoulder, gently but firmly pulling her away and through the doorway.

She looked back one more time before disappearing. "No," she said (?) again.

"Meg! Please, take her, I really think Iím gonna drop her, and if I do that Liam is gonna have my head on a platter."

"Huh?" I said intelligently as the sounds of an adoring clan cooing over five hatchlings suddenly hit normal sound levels. Jay was behind me holding a squirmy Aquila. "Please! I donít want to drop her!" Jay pleaded again.

I took the hatchling and tickled her stomach with my tail. "Come on Jay, didnít you know one of the basic laws of kids is until their first birthday theyíre made of rubber? It goes for all races."

The human snorted. "Right. If you insist."

"Oh, I do. Here, test it for me." I handed Aquila back to Jay and headed over to Sadie, ignoring Jayís squawk of protest that she bloody well would drop the kid. I smirked; Tate was already on his way to help. Gag.

"Sadie? Are you all right?" I asked, leaning carefully over the back of the chair, watching her and Slate and Marble, who (whom? whatever) she was still holding. Sadie turned to look at me. Her eyes sparkled and I thought I caught a hint of moisture in them.

"All right?" she asked me incredulously. "There are clans around the world that survive, even thrive in some places, there are finally hatchlings again, and our alliances with humans are reappearing." She nodded to the Love Birds, who were now cuddled around Duke. Now she was definitely on the edge of tears. "It is a good time for the clan. No matter what, we will not be the last of our kind. Megan, I could not be better."

"Sadie, um... did you see anything... unusual?"

"Define unusual."

I sighed. If she knew, she was gonna drag it out of me. "Well, like the hatchlings looking like they will in about forty years or so standing behind me while you were naming Slate and Marble."

The venerable gargoyle chuckled. "Take a breath, girl. And what would be so unusual about that?"


Sadie stood and creaked over to Mector, handing the hatchlings back. "Leader," she declared, "It will soon be sunrise. I believe it is the duty of the entire Clan to feed its newest members... but the main duty belongs to the new parents." Everyone laughed at that one and headed upstairs to the joy of baby-feeding. I hung back and studied the doorway that the "hatchlings" had come through. Nothing out of the ordinary... I reached out and tentatively reached through it, then yanked my hand back when the air in the doorway shimmered with an eerie light, a somehow warm and comforting (but still freaky) brown. I didnít stick around any longer then that. I decided the first feeding would be entertaining at the least. The sooner the better, too.

Last night began majorly hectic. It was the hatchlingsí first whole night awake and Ė whew! Ė they were interested in (and into) everything. After about an hour they settled down with Sadie reading to them in the library. Things got back to normal (well, close as it can get around here) until about midnight, when the kids got hungry again. If you havenít been fortunate enough to have the presence of hatchlings around yet, believe you me, being hatched the night before donít mean diddly when it comes to their lungs. Man, those kids can bellow!

Somehow we managed to get them fed. I donít know how, except most of the food managed to get in everything but the hatchlings and on everything. Even outnumbering them isnít an advantage; it just means everyone is tripping over everybody elseís tail and providing an interesting floor show.

Anyway, when there was about an hour left to dawn, Tate knocked on my door. "Hey, Meg? Sadie wants to talk to you in the library if youíre free." (Turns out that she spent most of the night with everyone... saying goodbye.)

I bolted out and upstairs, hoping that she would tell me about what I had seen at the Hatching. Instead, we chatted about this and that and everything in between until a few minutes before sunrise (and Iíll say it here and now: I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!!!!). Then Sadie sighed as my watch beeped a five-minute warning.

"Megan... Iíll sleep down here. My old bones just donít want to make the trip upstairs."

I nodded. Sheíd done it often enough lately... probably on purpose. "íKay. See you tonight."

She grabbed my hand as I stood, pulling me close. She looked into my eyes, searching for... something. Apparently she found it. "Yes. I suppose I will." She stood, then leaned close. Her lips brushed my cheek for a second. "Good luck, Granddaughter," I thought I heard her whisper, then she smiled. "Sleep well, and remember Iíll still be here."

"Uh, right. Sure." I stared at her as she moved over to the window. This was getting too strange. And Granddaughter? Where had that come from? I shrugged, figuring I had imagined it, then ran for the stairs. I was really going to make it close to sunrise. Over the pounding of my feet, I heard what I put down as another dose of imagination: Sadieís voice calling out "Goodbye," then something in Latin. I made it to the roof just in time to strike a pose before my skin hardened into stone.

Tonight, when we woke up, things were just as confused as last night, if not more so. Mector had to deal with two hungry kids, assigning patrols, and an irritable mate, making things this close to insane. Total chaos was pretty much the situation, especially when nearly everyone tried to volunteer for patrol to escape Hatchling Duty.

I managed to get out of patrol, and after an hour of dodge-food, I escaped to the library. I wanted to ask Sadie what she had meant this (last?) morning, and she hadnít shown up for breakfast. I stepped into the library and stopped cold. I could only stare, then try to swallow the sudden lump in my throat. "Oh shit," I whispered. "I have got to be having a nightmare." I took several faltering steps towards the figure at the window, then, with a shaking hand, touched its cheek. Cold.

There were footsteps behind me. "Meg? Mector wants to know if Sadie can hatchling-sit tonight... Meg, whatís wrong?" Silicon stood in the doorway behind me. I apparently blocked his view.

"Meg?" he asked again. All of a sudden, I couldnít keep back the tears, and they began to slide down my face. "What Ė " He finally moved into view. "Oh my God," he whispered. He ran from the room, going onto all fours to get more speed. Kyla entered a second after he left.

"What got into him?" she asked, then stared, then shrieked. That, and Silicon, got everyone into the room in record time.

Mector and Talia arrived first, almost literally on Siliconís heels. "Whatís going on?" the Leader roared, then blinked, eyes going from a blazing white to shocked brown. "No," he whispered brokenly.

Next came the Love Birds. Tate just sank into a chair abruptly, staring. Jay blinked. "What the hell?" she muttered.

The rest came at about the same time, generally freezing, sinking into the chairs or couches, and/or muttering oaths. Nicole stood in the doorway, head twisting as she tried to figure out what was going on. "What happened?" she finally demanded. "Will someone please tell me?"

Steve swallowed. "Itís... Sadie. Sheís still stone."

"Oh no."

"Uh, I really donít mean to sound like an idiotic callous little twerp, but... this means what?" Jay asked.

Mector took a deep shuddering breath. "It is like a human Ė " his voice brokeĖ "dying in their sleep. This isnít unknown, but Ė " deep breath Ė "it is not common, either." He frowned. "But... usually, in cases like this, soon after sunset, the... body crumbles to dust."

"Now how many times have I told you not to generalize?" We all froze as Sadieís voice echoed from the statue.

"Before any nasty questions are asked, this isnít me, itís a recording. Well, the magical equivalent thereof. It was set to go off when someone said usually." I could hear the smile in her voice. "So Iím guessing someone said it." There were wet chuckles Ďround the room. "Now then. I have two requests and one more thing to babble. First request: Leave this statue here. I realize that it is somewhat unnerving, I mean, I am deadĖ " winces and pained looks " Ė but I want to be left in my library. Iíve put several spells into effect so that Iíll stay in one piece and to help access to what books you want, but that wonít do anything if I am removed from here. Second, I want Megan to take over my duties. Sheíll find everything she needs to know in this book." The familiar green glow of her magic surrounded a book on an end table. Then it hit me. She wanted me to take over?!

"Lastly, the ramblings. I hope everyone is here. I am sorry about this. It wasnít exactly in my plans. But we must all pass on at some time. And after two hundred and two years... it is definitely my time. I am just sorry that it causes so much pain to you all. But there is a new generation to take care of, that brings the promise of life. Other clans have been found, which brings the hope that we will survive many generations more. And it is nearly time for the mating flights of the children of our own clan. Just think, that means lots more hatchlings to care for." We all chuckled at that, and for a moment, I could have sworn I saw her smile. "Our circle of allies and friends among the humans continues to expand, until, maybe one day, it will be accepted to walk down the street without fear of being hunted at first sight. I am just afraid that you will not see that night. But enough gloom and doom. My life has been full and had much wonder, especially in these last few days and in the past year. But I am old, and tired. I have nearly seen over two hundred years worth of sunrises and sunsets. The wounds I have gotten over the years, from protecting humans and gargoyles, are finally catching up with me. I can no longer move as quickly or easily as I could wish. The pain is often forgotten when there is company, but also comes back as often. Even the sun doesnít give much relief. It is my time. Until we meet again, fare you well." The statue was quiet.

There was a moment of silence, then Mector cleared his throat. "Well, um, why donít we... leave Megan to... whatever it is that sheís supposed to do." Still in a subdued silence, the clan filtered out.

That was several hours ago. Iíve looked through Sadieís book, but all there seems to be are journal entries from the past month. So Iím continuing on the last pages of the book. After that... I donít know.

Meg sighed and closed the book with a snap. There went several hours worth of babbling, and she still didnít know exactly why she had been chosen, or what for. She stretched, trying to get the kinks out of her back. Sheíd been sitting in one place for too long.

She sighed. "Sadie, what did you want me to do?" she finally demanded, exasperation clear in her voice. Despite the threat, she didnít really intend to beat up Frank... at least, not for awhile yet. And until then, she was left without a clue.

The now familiar glow lit a bookshelf in the corner. "Uh, thanks." So thatís what those spells do. Kewl. Meg looked at the books on the shelf and recoiled. "You want me to read romance novels?!" The light filtered away to the bottom right-hand corner, then began to flash. "Ah-ha. Okaaay." The gargoyle touched the shelf, then blinked as the section of wood sank into the wall, leaving a small part behind to support the novels. She reached in and swore as she found four holes in the shelf below. She cautiously put her fingers into the holes, then tugged.

The two shelves pulled away from the bookcases to reveal a small cache of... more books. Most were leather-bound and slightly musty. The glow moved around to one at the end. Feeling slightly ridiculous, Megan took it out. The glow now moved to several pages in the book. "I get the idea," she told the room at large. There was (Surprise!) no answer.

Meg turned to the indicated pages. The glow dissipated. There was only a phrase in Latin inscribed on the page. The gargoyle frowned and peered at it. It was written in blobby ink, quite hard to make out.

"Iam tempus est rectus, tam capiet me per nocte, dum mia loci est rectus?" she puzzled out loud. "What the hell does that mean?" The gargoyle blinked as the words shimmered, turning into clear type. The passage became easier to read as the light increased. "Oh, shit," she whispered, looking down. There was a circle of light, the same fuchsia color as her skin, expanding beneath her feet. Before she could move, the circle pulsed, then Megan dropped through, still holding the book.

The circle remained for a second, then shrank in upon itself.

Silicon poked his head into the room. "Meg? Are you in here?"

No answer.

The beaked gargoyle shrugged. "Huh. Thought I heard something in here. Great. Now I'm imaging things," he muttered to himself, then went back to his computer.

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