Important Note

After this point, my stories look like they're gonna crossover quite a bit with the TV show The Sentinel (Sci-Fi channel, although, sadly enough, it seems to be on a sporadic schedule). On a side note, you don't need to be familiar with the Sentinel, but it's highly advised that you catch an episode or two, because it's a wonderful show and that should be all it takes to addict ya. ;) And in jokes, right, right, in jokes of course ::coughs and tries to look innocent without smirking:: However, rest assured (or run screaming in fear, depending on your preferance) that I will continue to drive my clan carzy and even bug the New York clan on occasion.



I cannot begin to thank these people enough. This is the best I can do, I just wish it could be more. Thank you so much:

Datafage. I don't know how you put up with me and my writing, but I truly appreciate that you take the time to tell me what I'm doing wrong. A good proofreader is worth their weight in gold. I hope you're willing to take plastic. ;) Gracias, chummer.

Denis. ::grins:: I still hold you responsible for this, you know, you and your request for more Demona/Jay interaction. I don't know where you come up with some of those ideas of yours, but sometimes, I swear you're channeling my universe. You tell me things that I honesty never would've even dreamt of, and they have me going "of course! Why didn't I realize that?!" (or that rare "WHAT are you smoking?" ;). You share your inspiration and creativity with a lot of people around here. Thanks for sharing it with me (not to mention the idea of the pic).

M.C. Writing buddy, sounding board, constant source of insanity, support group of one, the list can go on for pages. I don't know what I did to deserve your friendship, but I'm eternally grateful that I managed to get it. Thank you for being there, listening to me rant (and whine!), and trying your damnedest to give me an ego. ::hugs:: Now finish some of your own writing so I get to proof something and you can beat me in the star count.

Artemis. I figure I come across as slightly psycho, but monosyllables seemed like a better option than my usual hyperactive ranting. So thanks for putting up with my rather terse letters to produce such a wonderful picture of Jay, and so quickly.
For those who are unfamilar with her art, you really should check out her website, Tenth Orbital. The colored art there is absolutely gorgeous.

Lastly, never least, in fact probably most importantly: the readers themselves. Yeah, you behind the screen. Truthfully, my creativity daemons would prolly have me writing this stuff even if I never posted it. But you are the reason it's so much fun. If you liked my stories, hated them, think I'm weird beyond belief.... Great! Creating some sort of emotional response is the reason I post. So thank you for reading my stuff. And for those few of you who write to authors (something I'm guilty of not doing nearly enough), a particular thank you. Some around here claim that not enough to nobody writes the authors. That might be true, but not for me. I think I've had.... three people send me a letter more than once, and quite honestly, that's three more people than I thought would ever tell me they (dis)liked my stuff. The rarity only increases high those e-mails bring. So to everyone that made it this far, cookies and groveling, with ice cream for the Repeat Offenders!!


And if you made it this far, thank you again.


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Oh yeah. It should be safe to add this in now. Feedback is desperately craved. Feel free to send any and all questions, comments, opinions, and whatnot to

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER (not that it's actually needed, but by now I'm in the habit of putting something in here): If I somehow managed to mention anything copyrighted in here, this is not meant as a challenge to such. My characters are mine, so leave 'em alone.
There. That should've covered anything.