Jester's Elegy

Jester's Elegy

Behind every prankster's jape,
Hidden by all the trickster's jokes,
There's a serious man inside,
Crying as if his soul has broke.

My rookery sibs can all see my laughter,
But I can't let them see me cry.
It's not that I try to be macho, but somehow
When the tears come I find I've started to fly.

My nights are spent protecting human strangers,
And I pass my days stoned,
But something inside me cowers away, begging for more, to "Come closer....
Leave me alone!"

I don't know why this other me
Always thinks he has to hide,
Trapped beneath my skin as if
I were still stone outside.

My clan knows my laughter,
But they are unfamiliar with my pain,
Like birds that always hear the thunder,
But never see the rain.

The sad gargoyle lies deep beneath a puckish mask,
Stone-skinned in the light,
And never can I bring him forth
Into the night.

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