May 10, 2002

Well, I've had worse timing on updates. A touch of ranting, and the next chapter: Escape. Also, 6 unbelieveable webcomics (that all provided inspiration for this, in one way or another... don't hold it against them, please! ;) ) have been added to the Links.
Overall, I like to think I'm making fairly good progress on this. Chapter 3 is started, 6 is totally done (but will not be posted until I finish 3 through 5, so NEH! ;) ). I mean, it's not like I really seem to have readers who will become violent without more NOW. ::shrugs and sighs:: Maybe someday. At least I'm placating the creativity daemons.

April 11, 2002

Meh. I meant to update LONG before this, but real life quickly became a pain. So just a quickie (hey, with finals coming up, I shouldn't even be messing with this): the Prologue and first chapter of the comic was added, and some new ranting. That's all. Will be much more AFTER school's out.

March 2, 2002

Uploaded the main pages. Still have to put up the comic itself, but that'll be slow work as is. And it'll give me reason to update regularly- as if the culture section alone won't. Well, I hope this turns out to be a successful experiment. *crosses fingers*

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