Alien Dice
A truly nifty webcomic with a text and image style that is one of the main inspirations of Tayda. Aliens, dice games of peoples lives, some very nifty (aka droolworthy!) characters, an amazing story, and of course, Zeta. :) HIGHLY recommended, and highly addictive. Updated Monday through Friday, with extra updates fairly common on weekends.

Bite Me
Vampires. Bar Wenches. The French Revolution. and beware the CHICKENS!!!! Insanity that must be seen, and worshiped. Wonderful webcomic, updated every Friday.

Eversummer Eve
One of the most beautiful webcomics I've ever come across. This one looks like a professional manga, folks, check it out!!! Updated every Monday.

Fate Martyr Sapheire
A fun (and yes, wonderfully drawn) webcomic. Despite the banner, it's gone to a slightly more random schedule, but I prefer the art on this to the new options, so I'm keeping it. Eh, just go and drool over the archives.

Er, this one has to be seen to be believed. Ignore the ranting artist's put-downs, he actually rocks beyond belief in the art department. And the story is just awesome. Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, unless it's Dead Piro Day (which usually means art of some sort anyways).

Strings of Fate
The Chinese zodiac is here on earth... and they're in a manga of truly unique and mindblasting style (hey, there's someone for everyone to drool over). Based upon legends of Rat and Cat, dealing with the zodiac. MUST SEE!!!! Updates several lovely pages approximately every Monday.

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