It is a land once called Tayda.....
A place where magic was once as much a part of life as the air itself....
Magic which disappeared, leaving behind the remnants of a culture.

But now, magic is returning, slowly, piecemeal.
It is now tool for only the few.
But for three long dead mages, it is a promise.

They died because they lacked power.
They survived centuries by chance.
And now, they have an opportunity to live- and to finally rule.

Taydan Triptych

It started with a wild idea for a comic plot, three dead mages who were now ghosts.... Writing the plot for the comic went surprisingly quickly, but it inhabited a whole new land in my imagination. That land demanded to be fleshed out, and became a whole creativity daemon spawning project of its own. This is the ongoing result.

Ok, now that the dramatics are done, welcome to my latest weird project. Had I more time, actual artistic ability, and perhaps most importantly, access to a scanner, I'd be doing this monster of a storyline as a comic book. Since I lack the above, it's here in script form-- 'cause I still can't get it to cooperate as standard prose. Well, ok, bits, but- whoops, wasn't supposed to let that cat out of the bag just yet. ;) Anyway, this is all original work, product of my own twisted insanity, so all feedback, be it good, bad, or "you suck!" is actually cherished. And if anyone wants to actually draw any of this, you will be worshiped. No, really. *grins psychotically* Please enjoy....

And be ye welcome to the land of Tayda.

Background Resources
All the useless info you never needed to know about the land, history, and people of Tayda.
Rogue's Gallery
The Who's and What's of the comic, and just where I'm trying to go with it. Sorta. Kinda.
The 'Comic'
Well, ok, since I can't draw, it's really just plot outlines. ^_^; Hopefully it's a somewhat amusing story to read.

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