Taydan Primer, 101!

Well come, one and all, to your source for anything and everything Taydan! We've got everything from history books (just 'ware, for 'book' is a term used intentionally!) to pitiful geography lectures to theology lessons to.... um....

Well, ok, that's about all we have right now, but hey, things are just getting started! Hopefully this section will grow with time.

Hall of Worship
Probably not quite what you're expecting. A list of the Beings up above, and my own personal thank you to them. Go see. T'will make sense then. Or at least as much as it can around here.
Just what it says. A look at Tayda that is neither brief nor concise. But there's lots of ranting info in there!
A Look Around
Random information about Taydan culture ranging from money and marriage to politics.

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