The Hall of Worship

'Ware, tis much sillyness ahead!

Still here? Good. :) This is a section entirely for my own amusement. See, there are some really nifty people out there that keep things going through encouragement, support, and general zaniness. Since I repeatedly mention that I put chocolate, cookies, and so on at their shrines, while doing this an evil idea started kicking in. Shrines==>Worship==>gods. Tayda happens to be a little short of those... Lightbulb! This is meant as a fun and silly way of saying thank you to those people, not any blasphemy of any sort. I don't really mean I worship these people, especially since I only BASE certain gods around them. And if anyone's really insulted, I'll take it down. If the person who has been "deified" (said mockingly) has issues, it will either be taken down immediately, or just as quickly redesigned to something like demi-god lineage (think Hercules) or whatever is suitable.

     One of the three leading divinities, Matix is a duel entity embodying both male and female. In male form, He is a tall, graceful man of undeterminable age, with white hair in a short, sensible cut, and a large mustache. The female form is similar, but with longer hair, and, of course, more feminine features. Both forms are dressed in a scholar's robe, and armed with a dagger. S/He is the god of knowledge, rulers, and magic users. Symbols include the dog, bamboo, and the color purple (thus royalty, the highest levels of wizards, and the learned traditionally wear robes of this hue).


      The female head divinity, Solmecca is the patroness of the arts: music, painting, writing, and so on. She is a tall, dark skinned goddess with the ears, eyes, tail, and claws of a panther, traditionally clad in black tunic and knee length skirt. She can be a temperamental deity, demanding the utmost from Her followers in all fields, but She is generally benevolent. However, those that dare Her wrath rarely get a chance to do so again. Black, the panther, and the willow are Her most prominent symbols.


      Quietus is the male head divinity, and the god of love, particularly the physical aspects. He appears differently to those that are fortunate enough to see Him, save only the constants that He is male, and possesses eyes that shine like molten gold. As expected, His priests are much more liberal than most of Tayda, and His followers consist of lovers, the married, and the desperate. Those who ridicule His power, however, would do well to remember that He is also god of spurned love and the passions that lead to crime and violence. He holds gold, the swan, and the sunflower as His symbols.



      The goddess of wealth is both slight and diminutive in stature (or at least, all Her avatars and representations have been), but enormous in presence. Black hair, blue eyes, and an aura of intense energy wrapped up in dark blue robes embroidered with roses provide the framework of the goddess's usual persona. She is known for being an intense and stubborn deity, albeit with the tendency for irony and humor that manifests in a penchant for giving people their just desserts. The domestic cat, the rose, and blue are Her symbols.

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