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Basically, anything goes here. I'm just putting down the strange mental meanderings I get. There's no guarantees that any of this will make sense, but I enjoy sharing it nonetheless. This is best viewed from bottom to top, just because that's how it stacked up when I started this, and the earliest ones are at the bottom. Welcome to what passes for my mind.....


- Song of the third update: Linkin Park's Crawling. Because the music video of Kenshin's fight with the annoying wolf guy with an attitude just totally blows my mind away.

- Not that it's highly relevent, but I've been watching WAY too much Rurouni Kenshin lately. That leads me to wanting to see this as a manga rather badly. I really do need to try to brush up on my art skills (and lack thereof), even if for no other reason than to do some picture outlines. And/or character sketches. Something visual.

- This thing just keeps accumulating parts. Lessons will make the second new section added in as many updates, and the first chapter is the only one really sketched out in a rough outline. I'm almost scared of how big it will get.


~ Song of the 2nd update: Evan and Jaron: Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Proud, just because of the amusing synchronicity with my naming dilemma.

~ I do not look forward to trying to figure out just how the Taydans think of time. Going from months to weeks, then hours and so on- all base 3- will not be fun. I think this is the point I'll plead for help from a viewer (I... think I have those... ;)) who can actually use math easily. There's a position in the pantheon (time... math... whatever) if anyone's interested.... :) No, I am not above bribery.

~ BUGGERall! I'm very irritated with myself. I named Garret in a last minute panic attack, since I'd forgotten the name I'd wanted to use in the first place. And of course about a week ago I finally recalled I was going to steal a real life friend's name, just 'cause it's nifty: Ehren. It just fits the Taydan reality, ok?!!?! Now I just need to decide if I want to leave it, or change it (back?), or what.

~ After working on future bits, I realized the (background) shot of the triumvirate's- Cara, Lauron, and Mel- paiting will be reused so frelling many times, if/when it's done as an actual comic, it'd be immensely easier to just do it once and then throw it in as a background via the computer. I mean, it's gonna be everywhere.


* Song of the first update: Matchbox 20ís Bed of Lies

* WHOOOT! The answer to the money problem came from the most random source! A former roommate came in and asked what I was screaming about. Her answer: if itís a fantasy world, who says there canít be new and strange metals there? So long as I describe them and not try to get all scientific about it, it should work. Guess whoís being made goddess of money and wealth?

* Quietus is not helping with the money issue. I mean, heís making sense that just by looking down the periodic table, itís the pattern of copper/silver/gold, but I donít wanna do that! The option of moving a column to the left and go nickel/palladium/platinum works, I Ďspose, but..... well... theyíre all silvery metals, which wouldnít be nearly as easily distinguishable as the standard system. Blast. Perhaps I should just give Tayda a treasury and make them trade in rats (ah, the joys of anthropology class. Even if I am mixing systems).

* I donít like the money system. I want something other than the typical copper silver gold setup, but throwing in pewter and obsidian just doesnít seem to work, and I canít figure why. Meh. Must ask others for opinions on that soon.

* Found myself staring at the ceiling at 1 in the morning, just running through random things. Most dealing with Tayda. This is becoming an obsession. Iím just glad I finally got the OK from Quietus about the god heís the basis for. Except he wasnít happy with the name. Then the evil random thought hit. One of the characters will be the typical smooth operator, and suddenly I got a mental image of him turning around, seeing something that either shocks or horrifies him, and blurting out ďBy Quietusís crotch!!!Ē Yeah, I know. Evil and probably way out of line. But the evil, far too easily amused creativity daemons enjoy it too much. The god is staying as Quietus.

* Ah, I love it when I can apply school to my writing. Environmental Science covered climates and biomes today, and one of those was the spruce-fir forest-- which is also called taiga. The similarity of words/names just fits together so well, thatís gotta be the climate of Tayda. Itís just south of the tundra, which is a bit more north than Iíd first planned, but not that big a deal.

* Iím enjoying the thought of deifying people. Dunno why. But I need to get Datafage/Quietus in there, and right now, my gut is telling me to go with death or love. Death actually makes more sense, I mean, this IS one of the 3 head honchos. But the thought of doing a male divinity of love appeals to me. The only god that I can think of coming close is Cupid, and he was always Aphrodite/Venusís flunky. Why DO all the love gods have to be- well, goddesses? Something to ponder until I can ask which he wants to be.

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