Taydan Triptych

At the moment, only a few links are operational. More will be linked as I finish and post them. In the mean time, this is what I hope to complete, but it's likely to change at least once before it's done.


Chapter 01: Writer and Teacher

           Part 1: Shadows
           Part 2: Escape
           Part 3: Lessons
           Part 4: Alliance
           Part 5: The Diary
           Part 6: The End
           Part 7: Danion

Chapter 02: Dreamer and Magician

      Part 1: Dying Dreams

Chapter 03: Dancer and Smith

Chapter 04: Triumvirate

Chapter 05: Triptych

Chapter 06: Arising

Chapter 07: Ascending

Chapter 08: Transformation

Chapter 09: Confrontation

Chapter 10: Liberation


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