Title page Chapter 2: Escape
Pic of the triumvirate portrait (no background), in very abused condition. Mel on left, going after it with sword. Lauron on right, pulling off strip. Cara center, kicking or punching holes into it.



Page 1:
panel 1: takes up the top third of a page. All black, white text along the top border

text: It was a slow recognition that we were not exactly dead. It all began, of course, in darkness. Gradually, painstakingly, awareness of self and identity grew, like finally awakening at the edge of health after a long sickness induced sleep. Iím not certain how long it took. At least a generation, probably more. Literally years. But finally, finally, it happened.


panel 2: takes up middle third of page. Medium to dark gray coloring, white text is in triangle arrangement, medium sized font

textlooks somewhat shaky, 3 repititions: I... am.


panel 3: white bg, black text, bold, takes up most of the panel

text: WE ARE!



Page 2:

panel 1: goes across top of page. Shows view from portrait, a few servants cleaning/dusting other portraits, armor, perhaps dusting the viewing portrait itself. Text underneath

text: After awareness came vision. We didnít understand for the longest time. I.... I sometimes wonder just how long it took, how long we were stuck without anything but the ability to see. It terrifies me still. And it amazes me that it did not bring us totally to madness.
[centered] Of course, there is no guarantee it did not.


panel 2: a sword from a suit of armor is floating down the hall, chasing a screaming servant while a musical instrument plays at a random spot. Maybe another servant is gawking at it. Text underneath again

text:If indeed we are sane, it was the magic that returned us to that state. It was probably Mel that first found she could still control metal. With that inspiration, Lauron tried her talents.... As for me.... Well, no oneís ever been able to heal death.


panel 3: side view of the portrait, with a ghostly hand emerging from it. A young Danion has his back to it, maybe just the end of his crutch and foot in the frame. Text to right side

text: The benefit to that was I became bored- desperate. For so long we just watched, observed the living world passing us by.... It was not long before I thought I would sell my soul to any demon that would let me touch something, to feel again!
Then one day, I actually tried to.
I left our portrait, our prison.



Page 3:
Panel 1, looking directly at the painting. Caraís hand, ghostly and see through, sticks out of the frame. Though trio looks similar to before, Cara now looks surprised, while other two are watching her (maybe just eyes, or heads turned slightly in her direction)

thought bubble[Cara]: I donít believe it! Gods, let this be real!


panel 2, half panel on left side: transparent Caraís come out more , still connected to the portrait (where the painting of her remains), but looking frightened and determined to go further


panels 2 and 3 separated by sound bubble of a moderate rip


panel 3, on right side of panel 2: transparent Cara standing before painting (of whole trio), looking around in amazement

speech [Cara, small text]: free...



Page 4:
Panel 1, Caraís whirled to look at the painting, looking overjoyed.

speech [Cara, large text]: IíM FREE!!!

thought speech Lauron: Matix!

thoughtspeak Mel: Thí hell?!? Can we-?


Inset panel, triangle left center between panels 1 and 2: Lauronís fingertips emerging from painting

thoughtspeech small, somewhere within panel by Lauron: We have to try....


Inset panel, triangle to right of prior one: Melís forearms raised and crossed before face (classic leap through window pose)

thoughtspeech Mel: Screw this! INCOMING!!!


LARGE sound bubble of a big rip


Panel 2: takes up bit more than bottom half of page. Mel (all determination) leaping, feet still stuck in painting, diving through a very shocked Cara.



Page 5:
Panel 1, full page: left angled upshot of Mel, whoís landed in a crouch. Behind her can vaguely see Cara hunched over (perhaps shell shocked expression) and portrait w/equally stunned Lauron.

speech, at top of page, unclear of who says it: gods....



Page 6:
moderate sized sound bubble of rip at top of page


Panel 1: Lauron stands between other two, Mel starting to stand, Cara now on her knees.

speech, Lauron: What... just happened?


Panel 2, diagonally split in half with panel 3 next to it: Mel holding up her hand, examining it and transparency effect

speech: Mel: Well, we died. Right?


Panel 3: Cara looking downwards as she stands, eyes shadowed.

speech, Cara: Ngh.
E-yeah. They definitely killed us


Panel 4, small, overlaps panel 5 underneath: Lauron, just looking confused

speech, Lauron: So... what? Weíre ghosts?


Panel 5: the three stand looking at each other in various stages of shock

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