page 1: either a shot looking up at a grandiose, fantastical castle that makes Cinderella's Castle look functional, or a wideshot over a fantasy kingdom straight from LucasFilms, dominated by said castle. Text is at the bottom of the page in a solid paragraph

Text: It all began generations ago, when the land was still called Tayda.... It was neither the land of decadent pleasures the fairy tales depict, nor the home to demonic, hedonic evils that the priests so love to defile. Tayda was simply rich in magic. That is all. A fairly wealthy kingdom, relatively stable. Powerful, corrupt, and mad for even more power. But truly, what country is not?


Page 2: 3 arched panels of portraits (like a screen you'd have standing in a room: the center panel is half again the size of the ones flanking it), done in Byzantine style art. In the L panel is an Asian woman, long black hair, green eyes, dress studded with gems; R is man dressed in bone white clothes, tall, thin, bald with brown eyes, holding a flute that looks like made of a leg bone; C is lrgst panel, a black man, also bald, wearing gold robes

Textbox 1, centered above panels: We were ruled by the Triptych, three of the strongest magicians in the land.

Textbox 2, underneath the panels, centered under the woman's picture: Nia, who could command the earth itself to perform her whim.

Textbox 3, underneath 2, only centered under the ri.htmlost portrait: Komen, whose magic reached beyond the grave and made the dead dance to his tune.

Textbox 4, under 3, centered: Balthazor was their leader, even though tradition dictates that none shall truly lead the Triptych. His power seemed- perhaps it even was....

Textbox 5, underneath all, still centered: Limitless.


Page 3: another trio of arch topped panels, this time equally sized. Art is traditional portrait style of 3 women in their early 20s. L is Asian, brown eyes, holding an unsheathed sword, dressed in tunic and trousers w/ lots of metal decorations/accessories; R has brown eyes, white hair in elaborate braids, dressed in robe of muted colors, holding a normal flute; C is black, green eyes, silver robe with few discretely embroidered caduceus on it. A book has been painted on as a clearly bad late addition, a clumsy attempt that puts it in the center woman's hand. Focus is on the book

Textbox 1, centered underneath: I am Cara naht Balthazor, his eldest born, his only born. I am part of a triumvirate once destined to rule Tayda, formed of the first born, the daughters to its then rulers. Successors to the mightiest rulers to the mightiest kingdom.


Page 4: close shot of 3 bodies matching women above, broken flute and caduceus on floor along with bloody and possibly broken sword. In the background, able to see the bottom of 3 robes/feet, matching what parents wore.

Textbox 1, at top of page, centered: Unfortunately, we died before we could come to the throne.

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Tayda and all related ideas and writing are Copyright © 2001, 2002 to Ashlee Tessier, all rights reserved.

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