The Sentinel
In the jungles of Peru, the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime.
Life just got angsty.

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But... Rated: PG for major angst
This is an angsty bit that hit me late one night and demanded to be written. Jim goes on one of his patented guilt trips (and you have to admit, he has it down to a science by now ;).

Hurt Simon, angsting Jim, and musings on being a Sentinel... and a friend.

Fire Drill Rated: PG for a few bad words
To use the fandom terms, no smarm, no owies, and no angst (well ok, not exactly). Just an answer to Aislinn's challenge for a wet and cold Blair and Simon in a dress. Oh, right. Sorry, Simon in a dress was product of my own deranged mind. ;)

Major Crimes got pulled into a charity event which gets a little wild - and not just because Simon's stuck in a dress!

Gift of Memory Rated: G for warm fuzzies
Aislinn sent me a screen saver much like the one featured here: full of screen shots of the guys. Writing was the only way I could figure out how to thank her.

Jim finds Blair's computer is giving him a strange message - but a fuzzy one.

The Price of Friendship Rated: G
A poem. ::shrugs:: How I feel a lot. Nothing really pithy to say.

Friendhsip has strange costs, and rewards.

The Duty of Friendship Rated: G
After Price of Friendship, I started thinking. I'd done the view of Jim... or Blair. But those two come as a package deal, so I felt the need to do a response to it. I'm still not sure who narrates which poem, which is part of the fun.

From Jim, about Blair... or Blair, about Jim.

Letting Go Rated: PG for major angst
First time I saw the Sentinel episode Murder 101, I hated it. Jim was being a total jerk, Blair was alternately rabid and just flat out insane (maniac-depressive, anyone?), and the whole episode just seemed wrong. And so, being the insane fic writer that I am, I tried to figure out why the guys were acting like that.

After a day of fighting crime, the guys have a little midnight musings on their lives and plans for the future.

Serve, Protect, Guide Rated: PG
During the Transitions saga (gargs), I ended up doing a bit for Blair... but it didn't fit in with the general plan. So here it is, as a stand alone Sentinel fic.

After the disseratation mess, Blair looks over his past in preparation for the future.

Ordinary Heroes Rated: PG
During MC's challenge of 19 fics in one month, this songfic rather demanded to be written. Actually, it was the bits with Morgan and Rafe that jumped out at me. The other two were done to complete the song.

Sometimes, with all the gargoyles and sentinels running around, we forget about the other heroes. A tribute to them, the 'ordinary' people who are just doing their jobs.

Stolen Kiss Rated: PG
More from MC's 19 in 1 challenge.

After The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, it's time for everyone's favorite curly haired anthropologist to move on. To do that, he has to reconcile with his past... espically the Sentinels therein.

Watchman Rated: (upper?)PG
Yes, challenge fic. Also what happens when Tyr gets me to read old comics and I watch too much Sentinel.

Jim and Blair have always been afraid that 'someone' would find out about Jim's Sentinel abilities. But what if someone already had... and didn't care?

1,000 Words Rated: PG
Challenge fic once again meets Savage Garden. And too many complaints about The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg (the last episode in the Sentinel series). It could've gone a lot worse. Like this, for example....

Sure, there was nasty fallout from Blair's diss going public. But things could've gone very differently for the pair.

Abberant Sentinel Rated: PG-13
Last bit of fiction for the challenge, and mostly an excuse to get in good with the ST of the latest White Wolf game. Speaking of, where the heck's my experience points for this?

It's 2008, do you know where your rogue Sentinel is? Certainly not the bright and shiny Project Utopia, home of Homo Sapiens Novus- the next step to humanity.

Because! Rated: PG for just a bit of langauge
M.C. and I were doing regular challenges to each other at one point. I forget how it came about, but two of the fun phrases from The Sentinel are "Sandburg, stay with the truck!" and "-because you're not a cop!" So the challenge - do a piece that involves conversation only, and starts with a slightly different line....

A bit of conversation between Sentinel and Guide, post The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

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