Because you're a cop!

Dammit Jim, since when has that been a reason? We both have the badge, we both have the gun, so we both take the fucking risks! That's the whole partnership deal!

Partnership hell! I was handling the situation just fine-

Bull shit! Three hoods with guns, you were pinned behind the truck, and I am not about to just stay and call for backup!

It might just keep you safe!

It might just keep you dead!


Don't try the growl and glare on me, Ellison. I am speaking as your partner, as a fellow cop, your friend, and your freaking Guide. What if you had zoned? You -

I wouldn't have zoned! I mean come on, what the hell was there to zone on?

Oh I don't know, listening to the perps, trying to see them, their body odor - anything, man! I'm your backup, you shouldn't have gone off alone!

Get real, Chief! You stick out in that crowd like a sore thumb! They would've labeled you right away.

I'm not the one that screams "cop!"

But you ARE a cop! Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you could've gotten into?

The same kind you did?

I am not the topic of discussion!

Yes you are!!! Partnership, friendship, whatever the hell you wanna call it, you shouldn't have gone in without me! See this? Gun, Jim. I don't carry it around for kicks, it's so I can PROTECT. You do remember protect and serve, right? Let me do my freaking job, okay?

....I .... Chief - Blair. *sigh* I knew it was gonna be dangerous, ok? I... I didn't want to see you hurt, ok?

I can handle myself, man.

I know. But hey, this cop thing is new to me too, okay?

But this partnership isn't. You have to trust me, Jim.

.... I do.

Then next time, trust me enough to take me along!

You could get hurt-

Dammit, we went over that part already! It's part of the job. Am I your partner or not?

Chief, that's-

Jim, am I your partner or not?!


Do you trust me?

We covered that too.

Do you trust me?


So. You gonna take me along next time?

This is a full partnership, right?


Good. I promise I'll involve you next time.

That's better.

I mean, there's gotta be a ton of paperwork with this.

Oh, that's it! Prepare to pay, Ellison!

Uh, Chief? What are you doing with that?

Tests, man, lots and lots of tests....

Thanks, M.C. This made for a fun and weird challenge, and I still like your answer to it. :) You rock. ::gravels:: ;)

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