I guess I should mention the Sentinel is owned by Pet Fly and Paramount, though nothing specific is mentioned. It is about Jim and Blair, but really, for anyone who's ever worried (needlessly or not) about losing one of life's most precious gifts.

This is for those people and a special garg fan in particular. Domo arigato, Assata.

Price of Friendship

How do you say thank you
To someone who has saved your soul?
Not just your mind,
Your life,
But also your heart?

Not a lover,
Not a brother,
"Just" a friend.
My Kin by more than blood,
Secret Holder,
Heart Guardian,
Pillar of Sanity.

You've given me so much.
Sanity. Serenity.
Laughter. Love.
A place in your heart.
A home without walls.

How can I equal that?
I take so much more than I give.
I repay you with so little.
Problems; of the heart, of the mind.
My angst, my rants, my need.

I have only my ears.
My heart.
My soul.
It isn't much.
Not nearly enough, not equal to your gifts.
But it is all I know how to give.

I cannot begin to thank you.
My equal.
My partner.
My protector.
My charge.

My friend.

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