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Loony Bin Rated: Y-7; one dirty word
Heh. This is the Sci-fi story for Creative Writing. Yes, I did get a gargoyle in.... ;)

One manís close encounter gives a new look at some old beliefs.

Itís All in the Appendix Rated: R for blood and stuff
Thatís right, itís rated R. Hey, this is a horror story. What do you expect?

Something is stalking the streets of London. Luke and Kira have to find out who - and what - it is. And it has their scent....

Black Jack Rated: PG
A free write that wouldnít give up.

A poker playerís luck changes when she finds a gold poker chip. She just managed to get a lot more than she bargained for....

Hit the Road, Jack Rated: low PG-13 for foul language and violence
The sequel to Black Jack, this was technically a detective story.

Mariaís in trouble when someone tries to kill her. Now all she has to do is put up with Jack acting weirder than usual, a detective she canít stand, and a murderer on the loose that she has to find before he kills her.

From the Magic Chat Room Rated: G
Whoo. It's exam time here, and Tyr's been spending his time NOT studying (surprise, surprise ;). In fact, he's been coming up with these three stories. In three sections (all together 'cause I'm lazy) about a pretty strange place on the net. Don't worry if it doesn't make sense, 'cause it prolly won't. Even I'm not certain of the point, but parts are funny. In my opinion. Give 'em a try. Oh yeah, pointless note: this has been edited slightly (all the mispellings are Tyr's tho ;) to make it all readable. ::shrugs:: Just covering myself.

Welcome to Chat Room 4223, one of the weirdest little gathering places on the net.

Dryad Rated: Y-7 (sorta angsty)
There's a tree at an intersection of my hometown that has the coolest abberation. I've been wanting to write about it for quite some time.

A dryad has finally had enough of the humans.

Alpha Games Rated: PG
*thwacks Tyr one more time just for the heck of it* It was FAR too much fun writing Miss Parker. She's so delightfully catty.

What happens when Vince Hunter from The District (played by Richard Burgi, who is Jim in The Sentinel) crosses paths with Miss Parker from The Pretender. No prior knowledge of either show is really necessary.

Can't the Past Just Die Rated: PG, PG-13
So Ryuu gave the forum a challenge. I just started another Abberant game, after watching WAY too much Rurouni Kenshin. This is the result.

Some people have never had normal lives. Yet the more things change, the more they stay the same. Particularly when the change is into a better, more efficient killer...

Almost Home Rated: PG
I had to write a sci-fi story. I had to write a story in 10th grade about home. So I took an old and not so hot concept, did my homework, and came out with a result that still doesn't capture just what I'm after. But it's closer.

Aliens have come to earth... and Earth has spread to the Moon and Mars. Peace seems easy.... But really, how alien can one be? And who is the alien?

Let me out of here!!!! A.K.A. Home

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