*Entering chat room 4223*

Sorcerer: Liar!

Wizard: I beg your pardon?

Sorcerer: Oh, what a lie!

Mage: How was that a lie?

Sorcerer: Oh please, do I have to spell it out for you. L, I, A, R. that spells wizard!

Spellcaster: Come on, Sorcerer is right. How can not think Wizard was lying?

Mage: Sorry, I have to take wizard's side on this.

Sorcerer: Liar!

Mage: huh?

Sorcerer: You could take either side, noone is forcing you.

Mage: Nonsense. I am 'forced' by the system of logic. What he said was not a lie. Ergo, I make the side of truth.

Spellcaster: Please. Explain to me logically how Wizard isn't lying.

Mage: Easy. What wizard said was true, ergo it isn't a lie.

Wizard: You say it!

Spellcaster: Mage already did, duh.

Wizard: Now you are just being nitpicky.

Sorcerer: Liar!

Arcanist: Hello all.

Wizard: How was I lying? Hey Arcanist.

Spellcaster: Hey Arcanist.

Arcanist: Hey, Wizard, Spellcaster. Whatcha talking about?

Sorcerer: Wizard is lying, and refuses to admit it!

Wizard: Oh please. I'm being perfectly reasonable. sorcerer just dosn't agree with me, and thus thinks I'm lying.

Mage: no, what you said was false, and we all knew it! You lied!

Arcanist: What did Wizard say?

*Your connection has been broken. Double-click to connect again*

Arcanist: Dang, got disconnected.

Spellcaster: Yeah, me too. anybody else still here?

Warlock: Yeah, I just got here. What were you guys talking about?

Mage: Sorcerer said Wizard was lying, and I agreed, but Mage didn't. We were argueing when Arcanist joined and we all were disconnected.

Warlock: hmm, none of those people are here.

Arcanist: I am here!

Warlock: Yeah Yeah Yeah. You don't count =P. So, was Wizard lying?

Spellcaster: Yeah, totally.

Arcanist: What did Wizard say!??!

Warlock: I don't care. If Spellcaster thinks Wizard was lying, then Wizard was lying for all I care.

Arcanist: Well I care.

Warlock: I already said you don't count =P j/k

Arcanist: Hmph!

Warlock: Just kidding! Yeesh, chill out Arcanist. So, what did Wizard say?

Spellcaster: Hang on a sec, lemee open my Chat History....

Arcanist: Ok. I'm finally gonna get to hear what Wizard said!

Warlock: And this is a big thing?

Arcanist: Well, I'm curious whether Wizard was lying or not.

Warlock: Weel, duh. Spellcaster said Wizard lied. Don't you trust Spellcaster?

Arcanist: I'd rather form my own opinion.

Wizard: Hey all, just got disconnected, and had trouble restarting. Whatcha doing?

Warlock: Hey, you lying shumck you ;-)

::Wizard sighs deeply::

Arcanist: Hey, how did you do that?

::Warlock does that::

Wizard: Just use /me right before the message

::Warlock uses /me right before the phrase: "uses /me right before the phrase: "uses /me right before the phrase....::

Warlock: Heh heh >=)

::Arcanist is testing it out::

Arcanist: Hey cool!

Wizard: Yeah, but don't overuse it, it can get annoying.

Arcanist: How so?

Warlock: Trust us. go to the public Chat rooms and you'll see.

Spellcaster: I got the message!

Arcanist: Cool! What is it?

Wizard: What message?

Spellcaster: The thing you said that was a lie.

Wizard: It wasn't a lie!!!

Mage: You say it Wizard!

Spellcaster: Welcome back Mage!

Arcanist: What was the phrase?!?!?!

Mage: What phrase?

Arcanist: The lie!

Wizard: It wasn't a lie!

::Arcanist starts seething::

Warlock: heh heh

Arcanist: Ok, what was it?

Spellcaster: But you said it was a lie, I thought you just wanted to form your own opinion.

Arcanist: I meant the statement that you said was a lie.

Spellcaster: Well, you should have said that, shouldn't you?

Arcanist: Will you please just tell me?

Mage: Tell you what? ::fg::

Arcanist: The phrase!

::Warlock innocently asks "what phrase?"::

Arcanist: The thing that might have been a lie or might not have been!

Spellcaster: I don't know... your putting the 'might have been' first shows that deep down, you think it is a lie.

Arcanist: I don't think it is a lie!

Wizard: See, Arcanist agrees with me!

Spellcaster: Well, then you don't need to form your opion, I see.

Arcanist: I didn't say I think it wasn't a lie!

Warlock: Yes you did. To qoute "I don't think it is a lie!"

Arcanist: Ah ha! But "I don't think it is a lie" and "I think it wasn't a lie" are two different staements.

Sorcerer: Liar!

Arcanist: I beg your pardon?

Wizard: woah, Deja vu =)

Arcanist: That wsn't a lie. They are two completely differnt sentences.

Sorcerer: Hardly. They both state the same thing: you don't beleive ti was a lie. you have to believe it was a lie or a truth, something can't be both.

Arcanist: well, I'm undecided, so =P

Sorcerer: Well, they still state the same thing.

Arcanist: I think you just get off on shout out "Liar!" at random phrases.

Warlock: Heh heh. You broke the code!

Sorcerer: Liar!

Quiet you, you're in the box

*Entering chat room 4223*

Arcanist: I'm telling you, The System wouldn't work! It would have to be self-containing, and thus infinite in size, making it useless!

Mage: It wouldn't be useless just becasue it is infinite!

Warlock: hey all, whatcah talking about.

Mage: Arcanist doesn't think The System would work.

Warlock: Ahhhhh. And I trust you are enlightening the misguided fool?

Mage: Yep.

Sorcerer: Hey all!

Arcanist: Hey Warlock, Sorcerer.

Sorcerer: Hey Arcanist, your back!

joe69666: What the ---- is this chat room about?

Warlock: Hey you, stop trying to swear. And you need a wizardy name to talk in this chat room.

joe69666: says who? I can swear and have any name I want!

Mage: Tsk tsk tsk. Joe's gonna get it.

joe69666: Get what?

::Sorcerer puts joe69666 in the box::

::Mage helps Sorcerer::

::Warlock helps Sorcerer::

Arcanist: Whatcha guys doing?

Warlock: We put joe69666 in the box.

joe69666: --- does that mean?

Sorcerer: Quiet you, you're in the box. So, what were you guys talking about before I came in?

joe69666: I can talk all the ---- I want! And why does it keep blanking me?

Mage: Quiet you, you're in the box. I was talking to Arcanist about The System.

Sorcerer: Ahhhhhh.

Warlock: So, why don't you tell Arcanist why the system works, Sorc?

joe69666: I am getting out of this chat room. you people are ----ed up.

*joe69666 has left the chat room*

Sorcerer: Heh heh. the box works its charms again.

Arcanist: How does the box work?

Sorcerer: well, you need at least three people to agree that somebody should go ito the box. Then, teh fun starts =)

Arcanist: I got the idea.

::Warlock puts Mage in the box::

Mage: Hey!

::Sorcerer helps Warlock::

Mage: Don't you dare, Arcanist!

::Arcanist grins and helps sorcerer::

Mage: Drat

Warlock: Quiet you, you're in the box. Anyway arcanist, each time someone in the box says something, somebod else has to say 'queit you, you're in the box'.

Mage: Hey Arcanist, help me out of the box!

Sorcerer: Quiet you, you're in the box. And by the way, you are not allowed ot converse with people in the box unless you are outside of it, or saying 'Quiet you, you're in the box'.

Arcanist: Is there any way ot get out of the box?

Warlock: Yeah, its pretty fun. WE get to hold a trial. btu since Mage didn't do anything, it should be interesting.

Mage: I demand we hold a trial!

Sorcerer: Your demands have been noted and will be reviewed in the propoer time. Anyway Arcanist, any other questions about the box?

Arcanist: Is there anything else about the box I don't know?

Warlock: Probably =)

Sorcerer: Well, if you get into the box, you lose points, but that is for another session, cause I got to bo. Rights of trials passes to Warlock.

*Sorcerer has left the chat room*

Warlock: Ok, let's hold the trial. Mage, what have you to say for yourself?

Mage: I was put into the box for no good reason! Thusly, I don't deserve to be in here.

Warlock: do you promise to never do it again?

Mage: I didn't do anything!

Arcanist: Or is it that you did nothing?

Warlock: Hmmmm. Arcanist's comment has been noted. Mage, answer the question. Do you promise to not do what you did that got you put in the box ever again?

Mage: All right. Fine, I promise.

Warlock: Ok then. Let the voting begin. Arcanist?

Arcanist: Fine. Let him get out of the box.

Warlock: Any lurkers out there want to vote?

Channeler: Let him stay in the box!

Warlock: Hey Channeler! Long time no see!

Mage: Gack!

Arcanist: So it is a tie? What do we do now?

::Mage shudders::

Channeler: Trial by fire! Trial by fire!

Warlock: Arcanist? Do you have any prefered method of decide Mage's fate?

Arcanist: What are the methods?

Channeler: Whatever you want =)

joe69666: ---- ---- --- ---- you all ---- up my ---- shove ----!!!!!

::Channeler sighs::

*joe69666 has left the chat room*

Arcanist: Let's play some sort of game ot determine it.

Warlock: any game, or do you want to be more specific?

Arcanist: Well, it shoudl be something of skill, not luck, between you and Mage.

Warlock: Ok, we have one vote of Trial by fire, and one vote of a game of skill between me and Mage. Any lurkers wish to vote?

Arcanist: What is a lurker?

Channeler: Someone who is watching but not posting anything. you can't see the list of people in the chat room, so for all we know there could be any number of people watching us.

Mage: I wish I could vote.

Warlock: Careful Mage. you are only allowed to speak when you are on trial, and anything you say can be used agianst you. Since no lurkers have decided to vote, I will arbitrarliy decide. Heads is Trial by Fire, tails is game.

Arcanist: Huh?

::Warlock flips a coin::

*Warlock's coin flip has come up heads*

Arcanist: Woah, cool!

::Arcanist flips a coin::

*Arcanist's coin flip has come up tails*

Arcanist: That is cool. So what is trial by fire?

Channeler: Trial by fire rules!

Warlock: Trial by fire involves Mage going to chat room 7, and staying there for ten minutes, intelligetnly replying to all messages not directed towards another specific person.

Arcanist: Isn't chat room 7 that place where all the perverts spam about ---- all the time?

Arcanist: Whoops =)

Warlock: You are correct. Anyway, lets all go with Mage to make sure that the task is carried out.

Arcanist: This should be fun

A Profusion of Polymancers

*Entering chat room 4223*

Warlock: Yeah, but the whole point is so you don't do that!

Mage: Exactly! So if you did, it wouldn't be self-consistent!

Warlock: You've been talking to Arcanist, haven't you?

Arcanist: My ears are burning....

Mage: Ow..... =)

Warlock: Yo Arcanist

Arcanist: Hey Warlock, mage. Any other people here?

Spellcaster: Just me.

Arcanist: So, what were you talking about?

Warlock: The System

::Arcanist sighs::

Mage: Well, Arcanist has a point. I'm not saying that it isn' self-consistent, just that it COULD be.

Spellcaster: No it wouldn't! If it wasn't self-consistent, it wouldn't be The System.

Arcanist: Woah, we really have deep conversationshere, don't we? =)

Wizard: You said it! =)

Spellcaster: Hey Wizard!

Wizard: hey Spellcaster, all.

Bobity: Hey all, this an open chat room?

Wizard: Yep, but you need a spell-user name.

Bobity: --, lemme change it

Bobity: Hey, it blanked out my --!

Wizard: Heh heh. you have to 'spell' out words here.

::Arcanist groans::

*Bobity's name has been changed to Polymancer*

Warlock: Hey! Let's mess with everybody's head!

*Warlock's name has been changed to Polymancer*

Polymancer: Why on earth did you do that?

Polymancer: It's not like you had a reason.

Polymancer: Hey! Quit doing that! Give me back my name!

Arcanist: Huh?

Mage: That's Warlock for ya... or is that Warlock?

Polymancer: Heh heh.

Polymancer: That guy was Warlock!

Polymancer: No it wasn't!

Polymancer: Hey, Bobity is replying to himsef!

Polymancer: Am not! That was bobity talking!

Spellcaster: Oy va, my head =)

Polymancer: Hey Spellcaster. didn't see you there.

Polymancer: Yes you did, you were hear before I joined.

Polymancer: Ha! The real Bobity wouldn't know! Warlock coulda joined before or after I did, there is no current users list!

Polymancer: Hmmmmmm. Very clever, but how do we know you aren't Warlock?

Polymancer: Quit talking to yourself!

Arcanist: Ok, can we stop this insanity.

*Polymancer is whispering something to Polymancer*

Polymancer: Ok.

Arcanist: Good.

Polymancer: I was talking to Warlock.

Polymancer. I'm Warlock! Don't lie to the people!

Polymancer: Ha ha ha, Very amusing.

Spellcaster: Ah ----, why not?

*Spellcaster's name has been changed to Polymancer*

Polymancer: Nooooo!

Polymancer: Yes!

Polymancer: I think three might be too many.

*Polymancer's anme has been changed to Warlock*

Polymancer: Hey! That shmuck took my name!

Polymancer: No I didn't.

Polymancer: Was that you Spellcaster?

Warlock: You two quit messing around. I'm the real Warlock.

Arcanist: Hmmmmm. I'm beginning to see why Spellcaster was complaining about headaches.

*Polymancer's name has been changed to Spellcaster*

Spellcaster: See how you like it!

Polymancer: Hey, that was my name!

Warlock: Ha ha!

::Polymancer growls at Spellcaster::

::Arcanist is very confused::

Mage: I hear ya, Arcanist. I think that Polymancer is Spellcaster, Warlock is Bobity, and Spellcaster is Warlock. Am I right?

Polymancer: Yes, as far as I know.

Warlock: No. I'm really Warlock.

Spellcaster: No, That would mean I'm Bobity, which I am not.

Arcanist: Hmmm, we are gonna need some way to sort this out.

Mage: Trial by Fire?

Arcanist: You just want ot get back for when you had ot go through that.

Spellcaster: You went through Trial by fire? Cool.

Arcanist: Hmmmm, we might try putting everybody in the box until they sort themselves out.

Mage: Nah, that wouldn't solve anything.

Polymancer: The box?

Warlock: Ok, Polymancer is bobity. And since I know I'm Warlock, that means Spellcaster is Spellcaster.

Channeler: Not necessarily. We don't know you are Warlock, and Polymancer might have been faking ignorance anyway.

Spellcaster: Hey Channeler. Haven't seen you in ages.

Channeler: Hey whoever you are =)

Arcanist: How long have you been lurking?

Channeler: Since Spellcaster became Polymancer

Polymancer: So you say it when whoever is Spellcaster now took my name!

Channeler: Stop trying to play with our heads, whoever you are.

Mage: hmmmm, let me think. Will you guys answer me truthfully if I get it correct?

Warlock: Yes.

Spellcaster: Yes.

Polymancer: Yes.

Mage: Ok, just ot make sure, I'm invoking judgement on anyone proven to be lying. Just os whoever was bobity knows, the other two wil tell teh truth now, so you will be found out if you lie.

Arcanist: No, wait. If bobity lies, then two people will be saying hte same thing, and thus we won't be able to distinguish them.

Mage: Well, at lest we will know who one of them is. Ok, I suspect that Warlock is Warlock, Spellcaster is bobity, and Polymancer is spellcaster, am I correct?

Warlock: You are for me, beats me about the other two.

Spellcaster: Nope, I'm spellcaster.

Polymancer: No you aren't! I'm spellcaster.

Arcanist: So we know Warlock is telling the truth. That's good, right?

joe69666: ssssssssssspppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*joe69666 has left the chat room*

Spellcaster: Not that little jerk again.

Arcanist: I got it! OK, how about we ask two questions to each person, ones that only Spellcaster would know. Then, whoevr gets them right, would be Spellcaster.

Mage: hmmm, sounds good. Ok, Polymancer; How mayn points do you lose if you say that name which may not be typed?

Arcanist: What name?

Polymancer: Dang it, I forget. Let me check a sec....

Spellcaster: I don't mean to say the word 25, but....

Mage: Sorry Arcanist, I can't say the name =)

Arcanist: How do I make sure that I don't say it then?

Warlock: Oh good, Spellcaster is Spellcaster.

Polymancer: Dang, you figured me out. =)

Mage: Heh heh, we are a celver bunch.

Arcanist: Oh yeah. Clever too =)

Spellcaster: Well Arcanist, the name begins with an Ov...

Mage: Then comes the er...

Warlock: Then an si...

Channeler: Beats me, I'm more of a lurker type, I don't know mcuha botu the rules. =)

Arcanist: Ok, I won't say any names that begin with oversi...

Warlock: Well, it's been fun. See you all later.

Arcanist: ---

Arcanist: Heh! Oh yeah, no acronyms. =(

*Exiting chat room 4223*

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