It's now 2058, and it's a brand new world out there: corporations have displaced governments, and magic has returned. This is a world where mages can walk down the street beside trolls, dwarves, and elves; street samurai specalize in cybernetics; and dragons can rule the business world. When corps wield all the power, their operatives-'deniable assets,' aka Shadowrunners-can find the shadows of the industry giants to be a very dangerous, lucrative place....
Welcome to the future.

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Prodigal Refused Rated: upper PG
I was having a really bad day when I wrote this. A depressing little story Iíll hopefully do a sequel or something to in the future.

Life is rarely sunshine and roses. Shanna, a decker, sees this far better than many could imagine.

Reconstruction Rated: PG-13
A prequel to Prodigal Refused. Toby tells his memories of the Blitz and what followed.

No Dogs Allowed Rated: upper PG-13
I don't really remember what started this fic, but I wanted to do more with Shanna's brother. I first intended for him to speak to her (ya know, angst and venom and all that stuff), but Toby and Shanna had other plans.

Someone tries to visit Shanna. Tries.

Power... Rated: PG
::grins:: The only good thing to come out of CRAP - excuse me, "CAPT" testing (if you don't live in CT or don't know, then don't ask, simply savor your ignorance) was the chance for all of us to get together and have an impromptu session, resulting in this entertaining character journal. Apologies to my fellow player for picking on them rather unmercifully in this.

A simple bodyguarding job turns sinister.

To Glow, or Not to Glow Rated: PG
Eh, documentation of the latest run.

Shanna and the team finds all is not what it seems.

Corbin Rated: PG for language
I loved The Crow. Wonderful movie. But The Crow, City of Angels simply reeked. While watching it I got so bored I started on my gargoyle obsession and came up with this story, then realized it fit into Shadowrun perfectly. So here's two, two, two obsessions in one! ;)

Man or monster? Dead or alive? Corbin is both, all and none.

Cakewalk Rated: PG
Heh. The result of a New Year's party/run (2000). Yup, we roleplayed into the new millenium (yes, I know it wasn't the millenium, but it sounds cool, ok?). ::grins:: And here's Shanna being her usual cheery self.

"A simple run. Riiiiight. It only had a zillion red herrings and those fraggin' bugs. Some days, I hate my life."

Meal to Go Rated: PG
::grins:: Aislinn wanted to see more of Falcon and Chameleon from my Magespace entry, Tyr got me looking at weird totems, and I went into grease withdrawel. A baaad combination to write anything serious.

Falcon and Chamelon have a bizzare encounter when they take a job without doing a background check.

Grey Melody Rated: PG
Ahhh, another new character: Melody Grey, a shaman of Leopard, professional bodyguard for Ares, and part time shadowrunner. This was first a look at the run, but it got side tracked when I decided to pick on Templar (aka Datafage, aka Quietus), he of the 6 charsima, some more.

Melody mulls over a bad day.

Mind Melody Rated: PG
Character background, WHOOHOO!!!

Melody's been forced into a session with the company shrink, and actually lets out some of her past.

Not So Bad Rated: PG
Tyr challenged the forum to write a song fic for Dido's Thank You. Someone having that bad a day just instantly brings Shanna and Toby to mind.

It's been a long day for Shanna... but in the end, things could be worse.

Rebellion WARNING Rated: R for sexual content
I've been wanting to do an alternate reality version of Shanna and Toby for the longest time. Of course, when I finally get around to writing it, Shanna took over and decided to get revenge for all the unresolved sexual tension I normally put her through by turning into a slut. But I'm remarkably happy with the end result.

In an alternate universe, Shanna and Toby meet for the first time. Of course, she's a corporate brat that will sleep with anything, and he's your typical shadowrunner....

Let me out of here!!!! A.K.A. Home

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