"I cannot believe you actually talked me into this," Mector growled, almost nervously hitching up his swimming trunks with his thumbs.

Talia gave her mate and leader a sideways glare. "The youngsters deserve a break, and if they really want to use the opportunity for a beach party...." She shrugged, perhaps unintentionally totally derailing Mector’s train of thought as the movement carried out inevitable interesting rearrangement of her bathing suit.

The Leader quickly harrumphed and flung his towel over a broad shoulder. "So long as there's a chance to remind those ‘youngsters’ just who can kick their tails at volleyball...."

A tiny smile lit up the Second’s face. "But of course. Come on, love." A small pat on the shoulder, and they turned to leave the small changing area.

Before they took two steps, Steve popped into the doorway, camera already at his face like a mask. The flash blinded them even as he yelled "Cheese!" While they were still blinking spots away, the patter of his feet- accompanied by rather maniacal laughter- quickly receded.

"Dragon help us if he ever settles down with some female and spawns," Talia commented dryly.

"He'll have to take that damn camera out first," Mector growled, stalking out with the clear intent of destroying a certain machine.





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