A flash of that now-familiar blinding blue-white light, then a rooftop appeared around Dr. Sam Beckett. He stared around, searching for his bearings before the friends - or even better, the enemies - of whoever he'd leaped into showed up. He made it about 2 seconds and 135 degrees in his look around before running into trouble.

It was the weirdest source of trouble he'd run into yet. It was humanoid, although the bat wings, tail, and emerald green coloring cut human right out of the picture. The t-shirt and raggedy jeans combined to make a bizarrely... well... human look. Sam almost absently took in more minute details that added to the humanizing effect. A black sports watch rested on the left wrist. Two gold hoops pierced the Vulcan-ish right ear, while a white stone stud was in the left. Concerned, frighteningly intelligent brown eyes focused on him.

"Jay! Are you all right?" the creature demanded in a very, no, make that undeniably, human-like voice. And it was looking right at him.

"Ooooh boy," Sam murmured, glancing around for Al or some sort of mirror to see what the hell he'd leapt into this time.

No such luck. The creature landed with a faint woosh of displaced air, settling his wings around his shoulders as he leaned down over Sam, who fought back the urge to yelp and scuttle away. "Jay?" he asked again. "Come on, say something."

"Uhhh....." Sam began. He glanced down for clues, then winced. He wasn't wearing any shoes, his jean shorts was in bad condition, not to mention the draft that came from the hole in the rear, and dammit, under the red shirt - again with the hole in the back - was a bra. He was female again. He hated leaping into females. Hopefully this one wasn't pregnant, raped, or some such fun thing.

He took a look at the critter who was studying him intently. Close enough. He really hated leaping into women.

The creature blinked and peered closer. "Jay?" he asked.

Sam edged back, mentally stepping out onto the metaphorical limb. "Yeah?"

It blinked again. "What the fuck?!" The critter lunged forward, grabbing Sam by the shoulders and shoving him against the wall. "Who are you," it growled, brown eyes swallowed by a furious white glow, "and what the hell did you do you do to Jay?"

Sam just stared, hideously entranced by the bared fangs. "Oooooh boy," he squeaked.

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