Toby was waiting at the door. Nothing really unusual with that, Shanna doesn’t exactly kick him out every time we get together, but unless “we be jamming”, as Thump puts it, he claims we get too much into girl stuff. Humph. I don’t see where he gets that. Not like we discuss what to wear on a run or anything. Guns, camouflage, maybe, but not likely clothes. Well, not for long, anyway.

“Hoi, Felicity,” Toby said, holding the door open for me. Gotta love a man willing to do that, even if it is his job. Not to mention he is one major hunk. Toby’s one of those trolls that pulls the tusks, horns, and calcium deposit bone nub thingy whatever ya wanna call it look off. Muscles suit the frame, impressive without going to the grossout bulging veins stage; a gorgeous, natural blonde shag you’d expect on a surfer; and for friends, a puppy dog ‘tude that makes ya wanna take him home and give him milk and cookies, if ya know what I mean. I swear, if he wasn’t so damn young.... well, ok, if he wasn’t so attached to Shanna, I wouldn’t wait five seconds.

“Hoi. And I told ya before, call me Fel. I don’t mind.”

He shrugged and grinned as faintly as he could around the tusks, which is a lot closer to a smile than you’d think. “I’m on duty,” he explained, like it would make any sense to me.

“Well, come on up when your shift ends.”

He actually laughed. Shanna must’ve had a good week. Well, with her, more likely day. “No thanks.”

“What, afraid you’ll get cooties?”


Sheesh. Sometimes I forget he grew up on the streets. Guess you don’t have time to worry about girl germs. “Never mind. See ya later!”

He waved as I trotted up the stairs. They probably should have a ground floor apartment, but it’s mostly lobby and offices. Waste of space, if you ask me, but Maker only knows what the fire marshal thinks.

By the time I reached the landing, I could tell Thump had beaten me. She was already plugged into that drum synthesizer she put into her deck, and the base was most likely rattling the windows. The floor boards were certainly shaking. I went in after a knock that was more from habit then need. I mean, you try living with a sis – two sisters, and see what quirks you pick up.

When the door opened, a heavy blast of drums and guitar music tried to knock me down. I waited a second to adjust, then stepped in and closed the door behind me.

Like I figured, Thump was sprawled across the couch, jacked into her deck and connected to what sounded (and felt) like the ultimate in surround sound. And as usual, Rai was perched on the sofa’s back, head banging away.

Lots of people have pets. Normal ones have cats or dogs, or maybe a hamster or something. A few have kids, and some are crazy enough to go for snakes. Thumper has Rai, a deranged, psychedelic chinchilla that’s gotta be paranormal. Has to be, since I can’t see even Thump tie-dying that critter every week to get that lovely mix of blue, neon green, and yellow. Although with Thump, ya never know.....

The fuzzball chose that moment to look up, those glittering black eyes making me wonder again if it really could be psychic. I don’t have any proof, but it likes me as much as I like it, not to mention the ‘chance glares’ when I’m thinking about it.

Oh well. Not my problem.

The characters all belong to me, the rest belongs to FASA.

Let me out of here!!!! A.K.A. Home

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