about 2 years before Switchman (series pilot)

Something bad happens to Blair (dead or just a coma?)

Blair’s accident follows Guide-Sentinel bond, overloads Jim’s senses

Jim gets sent to private mental hospital, in the boonies, doesn’t help senses but kinder than city

Naomi visits old friend, who set up.... private mental hospital (trying to make up for Blair’s accident, guilt trip)

that night, Jim has a sense overload, Naomi manages to help

Detective James Ellison gave a feral grin as he eased around the corner, gun pointed towards the ceiling. One more suspect, unlikely chance of a weapon, the end to an easy bust. It looked like a great day.

Then fear ripped through the man, emotion the likes of which he wouldn’t admit to feeling since the helicopter was shot down in Peru.

Screams ruptured forth, dancing around in his mind but never making it past his lips.

Omigod omigod omigod nonononono oh man please n-!

They ended suddenly, coldly, with a finality that matched the flaring of pain across his body. A scream and something much more primal finally slipped lose.

His eyes slammed shut, abused by sudden light and color. Sounds reverberated through Jim’s skull like an airhorn at three centimeters from his eardrums. The echoes of his own scream, increasingly fast lub-dubs that could only be his heartbeat, the rasping boom of his breaths, the rustling of his clothes – His clothes! Every fiber digging away at his skin, each individual strand of his sweater growing red hot claws that raked down to the bone, pure agony flowing through his being.

“Jim!” His captain’s voice only worsened matters, adding a new torture to the carnival of pain. “What’s wrong?” A hand descended onto his shoulder, multiplying confusion and pain.

Ahhhh! Did he scream out loud, or was it only in his mind? Did it matter? He was a millisecond from his head exploding, skin being peeled away and dumped in salt, ears getting rammed through with a poker..... Make it stop!

“Get an ambulance here now!”

Just make it stop!

1 year later

Robert sighed and glared down at the forms blurring beneath his nose. It was times like this he almost regretted setting up a retreat - never a ‘rest home,’ whatever those stupid papers said, it was a retreat. It was just that Cascade had so many rules, regulations, and forms for anything set in its wooded areas, particularly something as ‘potentially dangerous as a rest home for disturbed persons.’ But it wasn’t a rest home. The residents weren’t insane, they just weren’t normal.

He sighed again and rubbed his eyes. Yet inaccurate or no, he had to fill them out. A rap on the door saved him for imminent torture. “It’s open,” he called.

The door swung in, revealing a woman of medium stature, copper hair bobbed short above sad hazel eyes. Robert’s jaw dropped. “Naomi?”

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