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Now there's something I didn't think I'd ever get to say.

I believe I've mentioned before that I'd have trouble drawing my way out of a paper bag, so you aren't likely to find much by me here (it's best for the world as a whole that those stay hidden away in my room). But I've been lucky enough to badger - er, get - some very talented people to do some pics for me. And since I needed to do something for an update, I've put them all here, tho most are scattered throughout my stories (HINT). Anyway, please enjoy what these people were kind enough to send me. Please note that the thumbnails look a LOT worse than the real pic.

Newest pics (should I ever update) will be at the bottom.

Jay, my main character for my first Gargoyles fics, by the amazing Artemis. There’s also a close up of her that can be found here, and a lovely sketch here. Looks like she’s plotting something.....
Sanji was kind enough to do pics of Megan and Troy from my fics When in Rome and Journey’s End. I love the look on Meg’s face (you can tell she’s ticked!) and Troy.... Yowsa! And you gotta love the colors..... Man I wish I could draw.

Eh.... I’m guilty of these. I’m actually pretty happy with how they came out, mostly ‘cause I picked up a program that let me put in flares (ooo, sparkles! ;), and I’ll admit to being ridiculously proud of the top thing, which is a chatkcha, a throwing weapon (think a lethal Frisbee). The bottom thingy is a gythka (a pole-arm of sorts). They’re just visual aids ‘cause I figured not many would know what I was talking about in the stories about Ka’cha. Confused yet? Hope so! ;)
This one's by me!!! It's Artemis's Orion! This version is done in bronze and silver, with leather and wood (and invisible thread *twitch*). He's supposed to be green, not camaflouge, but the patina (EVIL!) didn't come out quite right, and he looks like he's overdrawing the bow. ::shrugs:: Yes, I do have too much spare time on my hands. ;)
I took this to the art show for the 2001 Gathering, and it won 2nd place for Fannon 3D art.
Drakhen drew my character Blood (from Drak's Seeker's fiction)! ::happy screechs and poinging:: Doesn't she look eeeeeevil??
"Whadda ya mean, 'no drones in the apartment?'"

Ooooo. Cranky elf. Aherm. If case ya couldn't guess, this is Shanna, as drawn by the amazing Sanji!!!! WHOO HOO!!! Not only did she do an unbelievable job getting down Shanna's attitude, but I'm floored at the way she did on the face (and that she even did the face!). Wow. Too cool.
Oh wow. The stunning Dogmatix did a pic of Nicole for me. I should be updateing, but I still have to sit here and just stare. How do you DO that with just colored pencils? If you want to see even more of her art, check out her Elfwood gallery here
Yeehah! Another Artemis picture! this time it's a black and white of a contemplative Jay as a human, used as an illustration for Summer's End.
..... Pardon me if I drool here.... Dogmatix has done an absolutely stunning colored pencil of Tate here. Blazes, I can see why Jay goes for him....
AND she did an anime (does this qualify as chibi?) version to go along with it. Altogether now: Awww!
The goddess among mortals, Dogmatix, has done it again! This time it's Mariah! *thud* Holy flork, she is amazing!
"Greeting the Dawn" (aka "Don't Call Me Cute")
O_O Good god. She now has a shrine. Dogmatix used some down time to do this truly unbelievable anime Jay. Gaaah. I'M NOT WORTHY!!!!
That would be me as a garg! I can only sit here and add more chocolate to the shrine of Dogmatix
*THUD* Jim and Blair as gargoyles. It's from my fic MidAutumnal Nightmare, hosted in the Gargoyles Fan Website. Dogmatix is once again the creator of this masterpiece. I love the way Jim's tail came out. I'M STILL NOT WORTHY!!!!!
One of the four bits of metalwork I took to the Gathering 2001, this is Drake. He's made of one sheet of Nu Gold (eh, the cheap form ;) ), about 8 inches long and 3 high. All those scales were done by hand, lots of hammering that day. :) Good stress relief.
Oh yeah. It somehow managed to win first place in 3D Fantasy Art. ::blinx and shrugs in amazement::
When BrooklynX had sudden health problems that might've kept him from getting to the 2001 Gathering, I decided there would be at least a BrooklynX there, even if it was in the art room the whole time. It's a pin, made of nickel silver with a bronze baseball cap and nu gold 'glasses'. I'm still far too pleased with myself for doing that much soldering, not to mention the high shine finish (something that frustrates me to no end, but it was the only way to clean up the piece. After that, I decided all the work was NOT gonna go to waste, so I left it that way). Have to admit some Charles Schultz influence on the hat, though. You don't wanna know how many designs I did of that.
Yet another piece I took to the Gathering art show. All one piece of pewter, and the lettering on the arch reads "Cave Canem"- latin for "Beware of the Dog". Actually, for the moment this is a pic of an earlier version. The new one has the proper number of back spikes, a smaller hunchback, and doesn't look quite so lopsided. Not to mention I goofed on the older version, so it read "canam" instead. For the non-latin fans, that means it read "beware of the food." Ooops. And (the new, proper one) also got an award: First place in Canon 3D. *twitch*
::giggles manically:: Dogmatix has struck again! An astounding (and shockingly cute, if you'll pardon my use of the term), slightly different "what if?" take of the 2001 Gathering. ;) Left to right it's Ryoga from Ranma 1/2, Jay, Tate, me, Dogmatix (on the chair arm), and BrooklynX. WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! ::poings::
Once again, Dogmatix has gotten unbelievably cute! TATE PLUSHIE!!!! Countless thanks to the most amazing one!
Eeeee! Crystal sent on a gorgeous pic of Jim and Blair gargs! The detail here is unbelievable -- and dangit, I STILL can't get over how she did the claws. Wow!
Sanji once had this beautiful site design with all sorts of swirls and celtic designs and shiny gold brackets and whatnot. Between being a fan and the amazing art she did, I wanted to do something back.... So I used part of her site design to make a necklace. This is NuGold, all carved out of one piece and buffed to a high shine (and therefore sent flying around the room far more times than anyone wants to know). The eyes are the secured pewter posts that hold the cord in place. I was actually rather pleased. I can't buff at all, but I CAN use a hacksaw!
So, at one point, Drakhen said she's lost her creativity daemons, both artistic and writing. So I made and sent her one! :) A small pendent (on black leather cord, o'course), prolly not quite 3 inches tall. The head was NuGold, the body... um, I think was sterling silver. That, or pewter, but I suspect silver. Either way, it was less fun than usual trying to solder it, resulting in an interesting midsection, but I think it looks cool and eeeevil and therefore am ok with it. I still like the pen and pencil best, but I didn't make those.
A bit of fan art for Kythera. No reason, just I like her art and one of her pieces had the most perfect profile I've seen in ages. Artists all seem to like the 3/4 angle, so it caught my attention. I based this pendent off the pic linked above. Bronze face, silver hair, and black satin cord. All buffed to the highest shine I could manage, then hair given a satin finish. I like the simplicity to it. This is a piece I'm proud of. Kythera liked it to boot, and it somehow ended up 1st place in 3d fan art at the 2002 Gathering. o_O?
An original piece I took to the 2002 Gathering. All pewter - sheet for the arms, wire for the wings. The odd thing in the middle is a transparency (intentionally size of a business card), with a shot of Goliath's hand holding the Pheonix Gate, "Now and Forever..." bracketing it. You can get a different view here. Not so happy with this one. I still like the design rather a lot, but the execution was lacking more than usual. I don't think I got across half the emotion/meaning to it. Ah well.
Random sketch by Dogmatix of Tate as a kid. EEEE!


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