Well, it sure ain't Tolkien, unless he turned less descriptive, more humorous, and much weirder when I wasn't looking....

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Dirdre’s Betrayal Rated: PG to PG-13
Eh.... a short look into the background one of my characters.

A single event can change a life forever. Several can break a soul.

Revelations Rated: PG
A character journal from 3 sessions with Dirdre.

Dirdre finds all is not as it seemed.

I'm Sorry Rated: PG
A surrealistic little story that my creativity daemons insisted I write after the second session of Revelations. It's weird because that's how I write when the @#$%^!@ daemons hold a gun to my head until I write it, even if it IS after midnight.

Correcting the past is never easy.

Forgiveness Rated: PG
Once I started, I couldn't stop. This is the second part to I'm Sorry. It's really one fic broken into two, but personally I think they're stronger seperate.

Death - especially wrongful death - changes people. Sometimes, the changes are beyond pardoning.

A Giant Among Men Rated: G
Based on what really did once happen. The one and only time I played a dwarf character, the short jokes were flying fast and thick. So I got help from my (real life) brother. Has to be read to make sense.

A dwarf plays with the minds of two men who just won’t leave her alone for a quiet drink.

True Name Rated: PG
I don't know where this story came from, but I just had to write it down.

A look back on a most unusual life.

True Nature Rated: PG
When I roleplay, my characters tend to spawn stories as they're created. Ka'cha is no exception.

Ka'cha must choose between a life denied her and a life of survival.

That Old Song and Dance Rated: PG
Tyr asked that for our latest game, Mendon and I (Alexei and Ka'cha) already know each other. Rather than leaving that to the DM's whims, we came up with this. I dunno about Mendon, but I had fun!

Ka'cha meets an unusual bard and takes a chance. Co-written with Mendon, though it looks as if he'll never get to writing the second part

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